The Fueled By Hops story started in early 2019 when founder, Ryan, decided that he wanted to create a positive community for himself and fellow beer nerd friends to meet, collaborate and talk about the great beers they were drinking.

In March 2019, a Facebook group was born with just 8 members.  That group quickly grew to include nerds from all over the country as well as brewers, influencers, podcasters, and more.

Shortly after the birth of the group, we decided that we wanted to create a platform for breweries and influencers to tell their craft beer story.  So, in July of 2019, we launched Behind The Hops, our official, weekly podcast.

Along the way, we decided to release some super cool merchandise ideas that our group members were demanding.  Thus, our online store was born.

After months of interviewing guests on our podcast, and interacting with fellow nerds online, it was time to officially launch our first beer festival.  In March 2020, Fueled By Hops will put on our first official beer festival, FueledFest412, at Spirit Hall in Lawrenceville (Pittsburgh).

If you have an interest in craft beer, join our group, follow our social media and read our blog. We look forward to interacting with you!


Podcast:  Ryan’s Story into Craft Beer