Fueled By Hops

A "for good" company with a craft beer problem - A portion of all our sales goes toward the fight against racial injustice, the fight for equality for all, or to support local craft beer.

Our mission is to make the world a better place while supporting local craft beer.  Therefore, nearly every piece of merchandise we sell will go towards one of three causes that we HIGHLY support.  Those causes are:

  • The fight against racial injustice
  • The fight for equality for all.
  • Supporting local, independent craft beer

1% off all gross revenues will automatically be donated to organizations that fight racial injustice.

Otherwise, we donate a portion of each glass or shirt we sell to different causes.  Here is a list of the organizations we have supported via our glassware sales.

Some of our charity sales include...

The Lil Jon Glass

Did you love the Lil Jon character on Chappelle's Show? We did. So did a Lil Jon glass and donated the money to a local organization that helps the children of families being helped by the Pittsburgh Restaurant Workers Aid fund.

The Hop Life Glass (A Tupac Tribute)

Ryan is a big fan of 90's hip-hop music, so we create the Hop Life glass, an ode to to Tupac, to take us back to the golden days of hip hop music. This glass was a compliment to our Spread Love glass (a Notorious B.I.G. tribute) We donated proceeds of this glass to the Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation.

The Spread Love Glass (A Notorious BIG Tribute)

Growing up in Easton, PA, Ryan was a huge Biggie Smalls fan. We created this glass to remind people to 'Spread Love' and also to show love to one of our favorite artists. Proceeds of this glass were donated to The Brooklyn Community Foundation.

The Rainbow OG Glass

We HIGHLY support equality for everyone, regardless of who you are and who you love. We created the Rainbow OG Glass in June 2020 to raise funds for LGBTQ youth. We donated proceeds of this glass to the The Trevor Project.

The Biggums V2 Glass

Drug addiction has been a large problem in all communities, but especially in Southwestern PA. Therefore, with this glass, we chose to support a organization that helps fight drug addiction. Proceeds of this glass were donated to Shatterproof.org.

The Leonard Washington Glass

When we learned about Harris Family Brewery, Pennsylvania's first African-American owned brewery, we wanted to support the cause immediately and help them complete their buildout. Therefore, we donated 100% of the profits of this glass straight to the brewery's GoFundMe campaign.

The Billy Mays Glass

We teamed up Billy Mays III, the son of the legendary pitchman, as well as Hop Culture magazine, to bring you the Billy Mays glass! This glass was an awesome tribute to a legendary man! Proceeds of this glass will support The Laundry Project, an organization that helps the underprivileged get access to clean laundry.