Episode 12
Episode 12
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What’s your favorite/least favorite IPA breweries? Listen to Episode 12 of the podcast to hear ours.

"Wait, you think Treehouse sucks??"

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This week, we decided to go without a guest and instead air out some feelings while talking about some our favorite, and least favorite, IPA producers from around the country.

This week’s episode opens up with a quick monologue from Ryan. During these quick few minutes of talking, Ryan gives a little background on Fueled By Hops and how we got to where we are today. This is the point where he urges anyone with feelings or concerns toward him or the brand to reach out so he can talk it through with him. If this is you, please shoot him an e-mail.

Afterwards, the gang dives in to IPA-producing breweries. Inspired by the XXL Magazine for favorite/least favorite rappers, they re-tool the list for IPA-producing breweries. Listen to the episode to hear the host’s favorite IPA breweries, least favorite, most underrated, most overrated, and more.

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