Top Beers To Drink To Break The Wintertime Blues

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As someone who loves winter, I’m giving you my top three beers to break the wintertime blues. Why? Because while I love winter and I’m nearly allergic to the sun, there are some beers that just drink better when it’s not cold outside. It’s in the Geneva Convention.

I know, I’m weird. I don’t like the sun, the beach, anything hot, or really anything normal. I would take 50-65 degrees year-round if I could (well, except for winter – I really like snow). You can direct all hate mail to Ryan, since he’s the one allowing me to blog regardless of my preferences.

Working in construction & the military for nearly my entire adult life, I have seen the elements. Especially living in Texas for five years. There’s nothing like the hot & sticky heat of Texas. You cannot escape it. But now I have seasons again, and I’m glad. Except the wintertime funk.

I welcome spring with somewhat open arms, because while I love winter, I grow tired of it rather quickly. As soon as the weather breaks, it just smells like day drinking. And I love day drinking.

So, to cure my wintertime blues, here are my top three beer styles to drink as soon as that weather break happens:

  • Any Sort of Crispy Boi

Whether it’s a logger or a pilsner, especially if they’re dry-hopped, it’s game on. These thirst-quenching bad bois just hit the spot on a “hot” day (hot being anything north of 50 after the snow and slush and all the other gross shit). I’ll admit that I used to have a massive disdain for anything crispy. I was a hype tater chaser. Only dessert & slushy sours and hazies for me for a long time. Until I realized how good a craft logger really is.

  • Sours

I have a love/hate relationship with sours. I hated them at first when my dad introduced them to me. Then I found dessert & slushy sours. Oh god, was that bad for my health. I drank them like they were going out of style. Apparently, though, the combination of sours and spicy food gave me really bad heartburn, so I had to give up one… and I can’t quit spicy food.

I took about a year-long hiatus from sours until I had a Ruby Shaman from Grist House last night. Wow was that incredible. These beers were made for spring and summer. Super crushable, they go down like water after working in the hot sun. Luckily, they’re usually low in ABV, so if I have a few too many, I’m not stumbling everywhere.

  • Midwest Michelada

This is something of my own creation and I love it, but that might just be my bias. If you’ve ever had a michelada (meech-uh-lotta), you *might* know where this is going, but probably not. A traditional Mexican cocktail containing a light lager or pilsner, tomato or clamato juice, lime juice, spices, and sometimes hot sauce. Think Bloody Mary, but beer. Or if you’re from Kansas, a Red Beer, but south of the border.

My issue is that I despise tomato juice. It is gross, yucky, icky, and any other word my three-year-old uses to describe something she doesn’t like. But I still want to partake in a beer cocktail that hits the spot after a hot day of work. So, I made my own. Stay with me now, this is complicated. Grab yourself a nice, cold Busch Light (it HAS to be Busch Light, although Miller Lite is an acceptable substitute – NOTHING else). Don’t open it, but fill the top with lime juice, a few dashes of hot sauce, and some tajin. Crack the beer, let the juice run down in it, and chug it before you have a fountain of hot sauce beer everywhere. Trust me, this hits the spot after a hot day at work, and although I didn’t go to science school, I think it replaces some electrolytes or something. Source: trust me bro.

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