Unfueled Show Episode 10
Unfueled Show Episode 10

Episode 10 – “Inflation and Craft Beer” ft. Jason Yahnke from Acclamation Brewing!

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On this week’s episode of The Unfueled Show, we sit down with Jason Yahnke from Acclamation Brewing to talk about how inflation has been impacting his brewing & taproom operations. Degen Ben also joins in the conversation to tell us how inflation has been impacting production-only brewery (though this is changing).

On today’s episode, we discuss:

  • How much the price of brewing ingredients (hops, grain, cans, etc) has increased over just the last year.
  • How smaller breweries like Ben’s are paying more for shipping because they lack a loading dock.
  • Why the breweries aren’t raising their prices even though it’s killing their margin.
  • Brandt’s new love affair with data and Powerpoint.
  • How inflation is affecting consumer buying trends in beer.
  • How much the consumer is willing to pay for beer.

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