Girl Scout Cookies
Girl Scout Cookies

Cookie Break: Here’s our follower’s Top 3 favorite Girl Scout Cookies.

The results were kind of shocking.

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If you’ve been following Fueled By Hops for a while, you know that we’re big fans of cookies (I mean, we literally did an entire beer festival dedicated to cookies in beer..)

On last week’s episode of The Unfueled Show, we talked about Girl Scout cookies and beer, specifically how breweries are utilizing the delicious treats to create unique beers (see Fourscore Beer).

After the episode, we polled our followers in our Facebook group as well as on our Instagram to see what flavor Girl Scout cookies they preferred. NOTE: We let Brandt compile this data since he now has the new interest in data-mining, so forgive his #ColoradoNap self if the math is off here…

Data By Brandt So It’s Probably Wrong.

So, if Brandt’s math is correct (keep in mind that he didn’t go to Math school), then our follower’s favorite Girl Scout cookies are as follows:

  1. Tagalongs/PB Paties (46% of votes)
  2. Thin Mints (36% of votes)
  3. Samoas (33% of votes)

Is this information shocking? Actually, yes!

According to very credible website Wikipedia, the best-selling Girl Scout cookies across the nation are:

  1. Thin Mints (25% of sales)
  2. Samoas (19% of sales)
  3. Do-si-dos (16% of sales)

When we started this poll, we all naturally thought that Thin Mints would come in first place. Shockingly, they didn’t just get beat out by Tagalongs (the nation’s #4 best-seller), but they got beat by a wide margin (10%).

Samoas are certainly going to be high in the rankings, but we really underestimated how much craft beer fans like chocolate and peanut butter together! We’ll keep this in mind next year when we’re planning out our collabs (hit me up, Ben!)

Any ways, before I head out, let me leave you with this great Girl Scout cookies and beer pairing by Em Sauter.

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