Photo Courtesy of Four Points Brewing
Photo Courtesy of Four Points Brewing
Photo Courtesy of Four Points Brewing
Photo Courtesy of Four Points Brewing
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5 Beers To Pick Up Around Pittsburgh This Weekend!

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I’m back with another edition of not-to-frequent blog series where I tell you all about the five or so beers I think you should pick up around the Pittsburgh area this weekend.

We have a lot of great beers to chose from (as per usual) so understand there is still so many other great options in the city for you to try. Don’t like our list? That’s fine! Just support some good, local breweries and we’ll be happy!

Releasing a beer soon that you want us to feature? Shoot me an e-mail at [email protected]

So without further adeiu, here’s my list of the 5 beers you should pick up this weekend!

Mule Drool
Unity Brewing (Latrobe, PA)

5.5% – Lager (brewed with Top Hat ginger beer and real lime juice)

I’m not a huge fan of Moscow Mules drinks, however, this one is pretty unique, and literally just unique enough to pique my interest.

Room For Dessert
Yellow Bridge Brewing x Marino’s American Eatery (Latrobe, PA x Greensburg, PA)

Cheesecake Sour

The Marino’s American Eatery cheesecake collab series is BACK with a new edition with our friends from Yellow Bridge Brewing. This edition looks to essentially be liquid raspberry cheesecake and we’re all for it!

Marino’s will have this one available starting on Saturday but you can also grab it at the brewery alongside a limited cheesecake pairing (call ahead for cheesecake pairing orders!)

Barrel-Aged Woke
Hitchhiker Brewing (Pittsburgh, PA)

11.5% – Breakfast Stout

This beer is near-and-dear to me as it’s the beer I was drinking when the idea and concept of Fueled By Hops was born (back in 2019!). So I’m super stoked to grab cans of this beer once again.

This version is a little higher in ABV than the last version and was aged in Four Roses barrels. BA Woke drops this Friday!

Object Orange
Four Points Brewing (Pittsburgh, PA/Charleroi, PA)

7.2% – Overhopped IPA

It seems like almost every time we do one of these lists, Four Points Brewing makes their way on it… and for good reason. Their beer is just absolutely delicious.

We’ll just leave the post below and let you read about how great this beer will be.

Love Has No Face
Tattered Flag Brewing x Fueled By Hops (All over Pittsburgh)

White Chocolate-covered Strawberry Dessert Sour

Yep, so we’ve been hitting you with this beer for the last week, however, we really, really, really think you should go an try it because it’s absolutely delicious and it’s super-limited!

Tattered Flag built this one off their Cusardy series base and then conditioned it on white chocolate ganache, white chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and lactose!

Grab this one before it’s gone! You can find this beer at Mike’s Beer Bar, Creekside Beer, Zoe’s Beer (sold out!), Bierport, Bridge City Beverage and Carson St Deli! Coming soon to Erie at Paris’s Cap and Cork!

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