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5 Beer Podcasts To Listen To Right Now (Jan 2022)

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This year, I’ve put together a resolution to listen to more beer podcasts. Admittedly, I’ve gotten away from the podcast hobby, however, I think it’s time to dust off the headphones and get back to listening to some great content creators.

I rounded up some of my favorite beer podcasts for this month and wanted to share them with everyone.

1. Craft Beer Mafia

Recorded by a group of couple of craft beer legends, The Craft Beer Mafia Show “explores all things craft beer, uplifts the community, promotes diversity & has a little fun”.

Hosts CM Bryant & Mark Franzen put out around two episodes a month with shows ranging from six minutes to one hour, exploring craft beer, and the people and places that make it special. Pinkies up!

You can listen to The Craft Beer Mafia Show here.

2. The Weekly Re-Cap

A Pittsburgh-based beer podcast, host Nick (not to be confused with Fueled Nick) and his wife Sara tap in to the local beer scene to bring you all the latest news and highlights from around the ‘Burgh and beyond.

The conversation often veers from craft beer and lands in topics ranging from Christmas movies to cookies… lots of cookies.

You can listen to The Weekly Re-Cap here.

3. The UnCapped Podcast

Host Chris Sands runs this podcast from the Maryland area. Featuring over 250 episode, The UnCapped Podcast is Chris’s weekly discussion with some of your favorite brewers and brewery owners.

You can listen to The UnCapped Podcast here.

4. Bangin’ Beers Podcast

A weekly beer podcast based out of Pottsville, PA, this podcast features host Anthony Blackwell and crew enjoying beers from some of their favorite breweries locally and from around the nation.

These episodes tend be a little longer than the average podcast (around 1.5 hours) but the entertainment and humor flow from start to finish.

You can listen to the Bangin’ Beers Podcast here.

5. Might Be Brews Podcast

Another Eastern PA-based beer podcast, The Might Be Brews Podcast features hosts John and Mr. Steve exploring “the people, places and brews of the craft beer world”.

What makes this podcast unique is that it’s also streamed live via Facebook, much like our next show…

Listen to the Might Be Brews Podcast here.

Honorable Mention:

The UnFueled Show

I’d be remiss if I didn’t shamelessly (ie. full of shame) our latest podcast, The Unfueled Show. Streamed live each Wednesday, The Unfueled Show is our weekly roundup of all things craft beer and beyond. Featuring four host (myself, Nick, Brandt and Ben), this relatively new show averages about 70 minutes in length and covers a diverse range of topics pertinent to the beer nerd.

You can listen to The UnFueled Show here.

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