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Listen to Episode 002 of The Unfueled Show ft. Anthony from Bangin Beers Podcast

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It was another high energy episode of The Unfueled Show and for the first time in the show’s history, we brought on a special guest host! (just kidding, it’s only episode 002 of this podcast, but it was a fun episode!)

On this week’s episode of The Unfueled Show, the gang tackles Mac Miller’s birthday, Dancing Gnome shipping statewide, Yuengling and A-B battling it out, the best fast food to eat when intoxicated, worst sports broadcasters and more!

To help shine a little little on the Yuengling, the gang brought in guest host Anthony from the Bangin Beers Podcast, who happens to live very, very close to the Yuengling brewery.

Check it out below!

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