Top 5 Fueled Moments
Top 5 Fueled Moments
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My Top 5 Fueled moments of 2021

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2021 was probably the craziest year of my life, and in a good way. Looking back, this year was full of ups-and-downs, twists, turns and more.

We started the year wondering if we’d be able to hold any events (due to capacity restrictions and COVID concerns) and ended up holding multiple events. We also thought we’d release of lot of cool merch for everyone but supply chain disruptions dwarfed that idea (we’re actually STILL waiting on some merch to arrive!)

Last year sure was a wild one, however, it was one of the best years of my life (thanks in part to the birth of my first child, Zellie!) and I can’t wait to see what 2022 has in store for us.

With that, here’s my Top 5 favorite Fueled moments of 2021. If your list differs from mine, let me know in the comments!

5. Fueled Family Reunion (July 2021)

We get a TON of ideas from our Facebook group, and The Fueled Family Reunion was one of those ideas. After watching a few people talk about how cool it would be to do a group summer cookout, we decided to plow forward with planning one.

Of course, the only Saturday in July we could rent a pavilion was my birthday (July 17th), so I ended up getting to spend my birthday this year hanging out and enjoying beers with everyone. What’s better than that?

The weather started off terribly that day (in fact we lost two tents in the thunderstorms), however, things cleared up a few hours in to the event and everything went off without a hitch. We had a massive beer share (per normal Fueled get togethers), enjoyed beers from three of our favorite breweries, and had some great food. Jerry event got to be a kid again and enjoy the yard games (see the pic above).

4. Launch of Fueled Sauce (May 2021)

For years, my brother and I kicked around the idea of bottling and selling my dad’s famous BBQ sauce recipe. However, we never in acted on it until last year. In early 2021, I discovered a small, commercial kitchen in Fayette County that was willing to help bring the sauce to market. So together with the kitchen, we took the sauce from our kitchen to theirs legally and built a marketing plan to help launch this sauce with a craft beer twist.

We launched Fueled Sauce just before peak BBQ season and shortly after were forced to go on hiatus due to the national glass jar shortage. While that was a bummer, it gave us a chance to really think about how we want to grow this end of the business in 2022.

Look for a few exciting things to come out of Fueled Sauce in 2022.

3. The Great Fry Debate (September 2021)

Every now and again, a topic boils up in our Facebook group and sparks a pretty big debate. This past September, we had just that in the The Great Fry Debate of 2021.

The back story here is that I was complaining about a restaurant in my hometown putting creamy coleslaw and crinkle cut fries on their sandwiches. If you know me, you know I HATE crinkle cut fries and I especially HATE creamy cole slaw on sandwiches. However, my family goes to this particular restaurant EVERY SINGLE TIME we go out to eat together (I always get the pizza burger, which doesn’t have slaw or fries on it).

One day in September, I asked our Facebook group to tell me why crinkle cut fries sucked so bad and a multi-day debate was sparked with our members battling about which fast food restaurant fries, and which general French fry style, was best.

For the record, I’m a big fan of fresh cut fries, extra crispy, with a bit of sea salt. Also, McDonald’s has the best fries, don’t @ me.

2. Best Present Under The Tree (December 2021)

Sometime in October, Nick and I had the idea to create a holiday collaboration beer for our Fueled By Hops followers. We took this idea to Ben from Arboretum Trail Brewing and what ensued was a few weeks of some of the most creative ideas we’ve ever thrown around.

Ben was 100% on board with the collab from the moment we told him about it. Shortly after we talked, he started developing a recipe. Within a day, he came back to us with a recipe for a New England Pale Ale with Juniper Berries and Spruce Tips (a departure from the normal stouts and porters that are common in holiday beers).

Over the next few days we worked to create a design for the product as well as a marketing campaign to get this beer out to the masses. (I mean, we put the boxes UNDER the Christmas trees at beer distributors. How cool is that?).

Nick came up with the name, Best Present Under The Tree, and Dak Singletary did the design. The result was a beautiful beer package that was “meant to be gifted”. I bought multiple 4-packs of this beer to gift to friends and family. It was easy, simple and supported a local brewery.

From a creative perspective, this was my favorite project to work on this year.

1. Drink The Cookie Table (November 2021)

If you didn’t think that Drink The Cookie Table would be my number one Fueled event of the year, you don’t know me well. To say we’re “happy” with how this event turned out is an understatement.. we are so PROUD of how well this event went over with not only our group, but the general beer community (We had people from Delaware drive up to attend!)

Drink The Cookie Table took us 9 months to plan and a ton of logistical nightmares, but the result was a two-session event full of some of the best beer you could find.

When we started planning this event, our goal was simple: create a festival beer list in which the attendee wants to try a beer from EVERY brewery in attendance (and we believe Rube did just that, btw!). So we reached out to our brewery friends for help and they NAILED it. Not only did we have some powerhouse breweries such as The Answer, Dewey Beer, Abomination and Fourscore to name a few, but we also had some rising stars such as Arboretum Trail Brewing, Bash Brew and the now famous Prototype Brewery and Meadery.

We fested so hard that day that once the festival was over I almost went to the hospital due to my legs literally not working. Fortunately, my neighbor is a nurse and told me that my body was low on electrolytes and that I should switch from beer to Gatorade (good call, C!).

Nonetheless, we will do Drink The Cookie Table again, we just don’t have a date nailed down at the moment. Keep an eye out for this one.

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