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Imprint Made English Beers Cool Again

Imprint Beer Company English Special Bitter ESB pastry beers
Imprint Beer Company English Special Bitter ESB pastry beers

Maybe it’s just me, but all of the DDH IPAs and pastry stouts start to taste the same after a while. Imprint Beer Company came through with their latest releases, featuring not one but four English-style beers. So grab some blokes and head on over to the pub for a pint.

The Philadelphia area’s premier hype brewery dabbled in some English Porters and ESB’s this past week, so I thought I’d research how they differ from some of the American styles you’re familiar with.

ESB’s, or English Special Bitters, are English pale ales with hop bitterness and medium malt sweetness. Despite the name, the bitterness isn’t overpowering, and they’re very drinkable. The relatively low ABV makes them great chuggers for sporting events (or showing off your best chug time to your friends).

Unlike their Baltic cousins, English Porters are ales with a mellower taste than their lagered counterparts. They don’t contain the roasted or burnt flavors of the Baltic Porters or Stouts.

(EHH)SB Maple Granola – Their Tears & Shivers ESB “pastry-fied” by conditioning it on real maple syrup and vanilla granola (5.8%).

Toffee Talk ESB – Tears & Shivers conditioned on an “audacious” amount of toffee bark (5.8%).

No Remedy For Vanilla – Nitro English Porter with Madagascar Vanilla Beans (9.2%). Imprint used over 800 vanilla beans in this brew.

No Remedy For Maple Coffee – Nitro English Porter with Maple Syrup and House-roasted Yirgacheffe Coffee Beans

Imprint sells all of these in individual 4-packs as well as in mixed 4-packs of each style at their Hatfield location. The Pottstown location closed, and they put beer shipping on hold for now.

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