Jerry Steeler Game
Jerry Steeler Game
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Person with Striking resemblance to Jerry spotted at Steeler game

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If you were watching Big Ben’s last home game as a Steeler yesterday, you may have noticed a very familiar face pop up on your screen during the fourth quarter.

With 1:00 left in the 4th quarter, the camera panned the crowd and a person with a striking resemblance to Fueled By Hops Hall of Fame Member and main brand ambassador, Jerry, was shown staring at the screen

For you folks who are a part of our Facebook group, you already know who we are talking about. If you don’t know, we urge you to join the group and you’ll quickly find out why we love Jerry so much.

We reached out to Jerry for comment and he informed us that, although he was at the Steeler game last night, this was unfortunately not him and just a coincidence. Jerry seats were much higher in the stadium and, we presume, probably close to the beer cart.

Our sources can not confirm if the person in this photo is wearing cargo shorts or not. We continue to investigate to identify this Jerry lookalike.

Do you think this was Jerry?

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