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Monday’s Brewing now on Tap At Famous Pittsburgh Pizzeria

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As you probably know, the team here at Fueled By Hops really, really digs the beers at McMurray, PA-based Monday’s Brewing, so watching them succeed has become a real past time of the team.

Today, Monday’s Brewing announced that they have expanded their footprint a bit in the Pittsburgh area and will now be available on tap at Pittsburgh’s famous Aiello’s Pizza in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood.

One of the most iconic pizza joints in Pittsburgh since 1978, Aiello’s is often debated alongside also Squirrel Hill-based Mineo’s Pizza as the best pizza in Pittsburgh.

Distributing to local bars and restaurants is nothing new to Mondays being already on tap at local favorites Mikes Beer Bar in the North Shore and Marino’s American Eatery in Greensburg.

Fans of Monday’s and Aiello’s can enjoy just one of their beers on tap at Aiello’s at the moment, an American IPA.

You can follow Monday’s Brewing on Facebook here.

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