Top 5 Eagles Beers To Cheer Up Fans This Season
Top 5 Eagles Beers To Cheer Up Fans This Season
Top 5 Eagles Beers To Cheer Up Fans This Season
Top 5 Eagles Beers To Cheer Up Fans This Season
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Top 5 Eagles Beers To Cheer Up Fans This Season

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It’s been painful to watch the Cowboys lead the division. I’m not endorsing alcohol as a way to deal with stress, but great beer in moderation always helps a little. We’re coming off the bye week, and Washington lost last week (to the Cowgirls of all teams). Regardless, I’m rounding up the top 5 Eagles beers to cry with, in case the Eagles lose on Sunday. The list below is in alphabetical order by brewery. I hope my top 5 Eagles beers help with all the L’s we took this season.

Flying Fish Go Birds is a “shelfie” that holds a soft spot in my heart. Despite being located in Jersey, Flying Fish is still close enough to root for the birds (unlike the jabronis from around here who root for the Cowboys). The hazy Pale Ale packs notes of citrus and mango (6% ABV). Most distributors sell this beer.

Free Will Dreams & Nightmares: The Bucks County brewery named this beer after the theme song of our Super Bowl-winning season. This year is more of a nightmare, but this beer is everything dreams are made of. 

Free Will Dreams & Nightmares

Rebel Hill DDH Bleed Green: The Phoenixville brewery’s Mosaic dry-hopped IPA. They’ve released several versions of this including the original Bleed Green and the recent Bleed Greenrrr, which they “dry-hopped into oblivion.” No matter which version they have, you can’t go wrong when you Bleed Green… Except for this season. Bleeding green is pretty painful this year.

Rebel Hill DDH Bleed Green

Weyerbacher Dallas Sucks is a classic, even though the numbers this year don’t agree. Perfectly chuggable, this American Pale Ale clocks in at 4.5%, which makes it a great alternative to Macro light beers.

Weyerbacher Dallas Sucks

Wrong Crowd Quarterback Factory makes fun of our idiot GM’s comments that we drafted Jalen Hurts in the wake of the Carson Wentz drama because we’re a “quarterback factory.” Wrong Crowd double dry-hopped this easy-drinking IPA with my favorite hop: Nelson Sauvin. I can only hope Wrong Crowd’s next Eagles beer will be about planting flowers.

Wrong Crowd Quarterback Factory


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