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Why You NEED to Bring an Inner Groove Four Pack to your Holiday Gatherings

Ginger Bell Rock in a can with a gingerbread cookie
Ginger Bell Rock by Inner Groove Brewing, Verona, PA. Photo credit: Inner Groove Brewing

    With the holidays comes all of those oh-so-mandatory family gatherings that we may actually secretly hate (is it just me?). While I might be a total grinch with festive events, I secretly love festive beers. All of the festive adjuncts might actually make me a little holly jolly? Who would have thought! 

    So, Inner Groove Brewing  has been absolutely crushing it with all holiday beers! Coming soon, they will have the perfect antidote to those family gathering blues. Hello, holiday four pack! 

    Starting December 16th, Inner Groove is kicking out a super-festive mixed pack that will make all of those awkward holiday gatherings just a little better. This holiday gift will four IG favorites. First, there’s Ginger Bell Rock, a yearly collab with the iconic Oakmont bakery. A 5.3% brown ale with lots of ginger flavor (yesss, LOVE all things ginger), this tastes like the much-beloved gingerbread cookies that are way too much fun to decorate. 

    Of course, that’s only one can in the four pack. Party Lights, a holiday dessert sour, is next on the list. Inspired by fruit cakes that may strike fear in our hearts, this beer is made with milk sugar and fruited with sweet cherry, plum, tangerine, apricot and peach. The result? Definitely not the fruitcake that gets re-gifted. 

    Dinky Tinker is the next brew in the arsenal. A golden ale spiced with all things Christmas, bring this one to your family gatherings to get your parents testing the craft beer waters. Balanced and tasting like the holiday season, it’s a winner! 

    It’s not a winter wonderland without a dark brew of course! Rounding out the four pack will be Neapolitan Hoss, a lower ABV stout that is milky and delicious. Loaded with strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate goodness, this tastes like melted ice cream in the best way possible. With all of these styles, you can totally convert ALL of your relatives to the wonderful world of craft beer with help from our pals at Inner Groove! 

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