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Brew Gentlemen is Back, Baby!

Brew Gentlemen sign in front of taproom
Front sign at Brew Gentlemen, Braddock, PA. Photo credit: Brew Gentlemen

We’re lucky, guys. COVID reared its ugly head and we all buckled down and supported local during the strangest of times. Breweries have pivoted and created ALL of the killer new opportunities for us lucky consumers. There’s big news this week, the Gents are back in the building! 

    By that, I mean that Brew Gentlemen is opening their doors to the public again starting NEXT weekend. Mark your calendars, yo! It’s been waaay too long since I’ve been back to their Braddock homeland. The new HQ combines the to-go purchases that we’ve all loved from the past two years with the fresh, tasty drafts we’ve been craving from our favorite gents. I cannot wait to see what the freshened up taproom space looks like! 

    So what’s been available recently from this local juggernaut? Check out Monongalator, an 8% doppelbock perfect for those cold winter nights. Malty and rich, this beer has a perfect light sweetness to it that makes it a deceptively drinkable 8%er. 

    Another personal favorite of mine is White Sky. Chai beers can be home runs or total disappointments, and this one is a TOTAL winner. An absolute easy drinker, this one is straight-up crushable and balances epic chai flavor with a light, perfect taste. You’ll have one, or three, quite easily, trust me. 

    Needless to say, Brew Gentlemen is going to be popping next weekend. Make it the top of your weekend plans next week! Details will be going live on the website this upcoming week, so welcome your favorites Gents back in style! 

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