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Video Chats Aren’t Just For Work Meetings

Without getting into the politics of things (because they’re gross and there’s no room for them in our community), the last nearly two years have been anything but ‘normal’. Out of the chaos, however, we have seen some shining lights. One of those has connected people from all over the world.

“Ugh, not another Microsoft Teams meeting on a Monday!” you might have caught yourself saying many times since March of 2020 (or if you’re Jerry, “No A.M. meetings tomorrow!”). Yes, those meetings do suck. But not all virtual meetings have to. The same tools we use at work, we can utilize for our own enjoyment.

To be fair, my friends and I started this tradition right before the craziness of 2020 and beyond. Since I live a couple thousand miles from my friends, we needed a way to watch Christmas movies together. So, we figured out a way to turn Elf (the best Christmas movie ever) into a drinking game and play it together. It’s a cherished tradition that I look forward to every year.

I am currently out of town for work, even further from them than I normally am. Yet we still ‘hung out’ last night drinking beers. And that wasn’t even the first (or only) one of the night. In fact, this blog was brought to you by the FBH Admin group chat. We had a Facebook Messenger group video chat at halftime of the Pitt/Wake Forest game. And hilarity ensued.

While I will spare the details of what was said, just know that the six of us that were in it were in tears laughing. A dog even showed up (love you Gus). It was a great way to catch up with people whom I haven’t met in person (hopefully that will change soon) and just laugh.

Today, in the same group chat, someone said something to the effect of ‘I wish we could capture the spirit of that chat… that’s what the group should be’. And I agree. How bad ass would it be, if we could do that?

In my opinion, we do. How many inside jokes do we have? I live nowhere close to Pittsburgh, in fact, I’ve been there once – for less than 24 hours. But I feel as if most of FBH are friends of mine. If I were to visit eastern Ohio or western PA (especially at Hightower), and ran into yinz’all, I know that I would be welcomed with open arms and we would hit it off like high school buddies that hadn’t seen each other in years.

I say all this to wrap up my point: drinking beers with your friends on Facetime and/or Messenger Video is a lot of fun and transcends borders. I have friends not only all over the country, but all over the world. And we still connect this way.

Reach out to that friend that moved away, the one that doesn’t get out much, the one that would rather stay in than go out. You can watch movies together, play games (we’ve played Jack Box, Cards Against Humanity, and a dozen other games), or just catch up.

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