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The Game, The Beer, The Team: 5 Beers to drink when watching Michigan beat OSU this Saturday.

A day that the winningest team in college football history plays a team that worships an acorn and puts way too much emphasis on the word “the”

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It is finally time! #2 ranked Ohio travels to beautiful Ann Arbor to take on the #5 ranked Michigan Wolverines in the Big House! The Game. The best rivalry in all of sports. A day that the winningest team in college football history plays a team that worships an acorn and puts way too much emphasis on the word “the”. This rivalry is more than just this week. It is a year long hatred between these 2 teams, cities and fan bases. 

In my house we live and breathe all things Michigan football. We also love beer so I made a list of the top 5 must have beers to drink this Saturday while watching the Wolverines take down the Buckeyes. 

Haze & Blue – Big Lake Brewing (Holland, MI)

Haze & Blue is a beer that every Wolverine beer nerd needs to have in their beer fridge. 6% New England IPA brewed with Citra, Mosaic and Blueberries. Juicy, light and slightly fruity. The can art on this beer just screams Go Blue!

Wolverine Premium – Wolverine State Brewing Co (Ann Arbor, MI)

I love a good crispi boi and Wolverine Premium fits that to a tee. This beer is made for early morning College Gameday drinking. This beer won’t break your bank so you can buy your own tattoos and not get your coach fired. 

Hail – North Peak Brewing Company (Traverse City, MI)

Hail Pale Ale is another beer that is made to be drank one after another. This hoppy pale ale comes in at 4.2%. Brewed with Maize (yellow flaked corn) and Blue (corn grits) makes this a beer just a little more special to Michigan fans everywhere. 

Ghost Big Sherb – HOMES Brewery (Ann Arbor, MI)

You didn’t think I would leave my favorite brewery from Ann Arbor off this list did you? HOMES Brewery is less than 3 miles from the Big House and is putting out some of the best and most unique beers in the state. Ghost Big Sherb is a 7% double fruited sour ale. Blackberry, black currant & plum aged on vanilla bean. This beer packs about as much flavor as the Big House does fans. 

Black Magick aged in French Oak Bourbon Cognac Casks – Voodoo Brewing Co

By this point a big beer is most likely needed. Either we are celebrating a huge win or needing something to put us out of our misery. What better way to cap off the regular season than Yellow Wax Black Magick. This 13% stout is aged over 28 months in three season French oak XO cognac casks that held fully mature Woodford Reserve bourbon for three years. A rich, boozy stout is perfect to blast Hail to the Victors or drown out the texts from everyone texting you that once again your team lost to their biggest rival. 

I truly love this game. Maybe I love heartbreak. Maybe it is the thought that this is the year that Michigan will beat Ohio. Either way I cannot wait until Saturday. I hope everyone enjoys the game, except fans of Ohio. I hope their beer is flat and warm. Cheers, Go Blue and BEAT OHIO!

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