Photos of empty Dancing Gnome beer cans against a brick wall
Photo Credit: Travis R.
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The Best Beers From Dancing Gnome… According To Our Followers

The Best Beers From Dancing Gnome… According To Our Followers

Photos of empty Dancing Gnome beer cans against a brick wall
Photo Credit: Travis R.
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A quick note:  The following list is the result of a survey we performed of our followers on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  This list is very subjective, and you likely will not agree with it entirely, or at all.  It is ok to not agree with this list as that’s what makes craft beer such a special place.  Dancing Gnome is great and regardless of how you feel, please check the place out.  Also, if you stop in there, tell Trevor we said hello; he’s pretty cool (did we use the ; properly here?).

It’s difficult to have a conversation about Pittsburgh craft beer without mentioning Sharpsburg, PA-based Dancing Gnome.  Since 2016, Dancing Gnome has been putting out some of the best beers in the city, growing in popularity each day and gaining recognition across the nation.

From the super-popular Black Clouds stout series, to the now-retired Underscore (& DBL Underscore) sour series, to the numerous upon numerous hazy IPAs, Dancing Gnome has essentially nailed almost every style of beer it’s made.  It’s no surprise then that they recently had to move to a brand-new, and much larger, building down the street from their original location… Dancing Gnome is just good at making beer.

Picking a favorite beer from Dancing Gnome is challenging, so we reached out to our community for assistance in helping us narrow down the best beer(s) that Dancing Gnome has produced.. like ever.  The following list is based on a survey we did earlier this week of our Facebook group, our Instagram followers and our Twitter followers.

Before we dive in to the results, we asked Fueled By Hops owners, Nick and Ryan, for their picks for what they believe is the best beer ever from Dancing Gnome.  This is what they said…

Ryan’s Pick

Pale Ale – 5.8%

Why I chose Lustra?

“Call me basic, but I think the Dancing Gnome’s flagship beer is my favorite.  It’s a simple beer, but all the components work well together. It’s juicy but at the same time has nice bready layer to it.  I find it to be incredibly drinkable.  It’s one of those beers that remains in my beer fridge at all times.”

Dancing Gnome Lustra can, poured in to a tulip glass, displayed in snow
Photo Credit: Ashley S.


NOTE:  Ryan is the Founder and one of the current co-owners of Fueled By Hops.

Nick’s Pick

Lager Lustra
Lager – 5.8%

“Lager Lustra is an amazing crispyboi with the softness of a hazy. Clean, bright flavors. To me it’s a beer that everyone should try as it’s such a drinkable beer. It’s a beer that only dancing gnome can pull off.”

NOTE:  Nick is the Content Director and current co-owner of Fueled By Hops.

The Top 10 best Dancing Gnome beers, according to our Facebook community (in order):

  1. Nobody’s Robot (DIPA)
  2. BA Black Clouds Double Vanilla (Stout)
  3. BA Black Clouds Coffee Cake (Stout)
  4. Roc (TIPA)
  5. Bouquet (TIPA)
  6. Half Lustra (Pale Ale)
  7. Better One or Two (DIPA)
  8. Beyond Infinity (DIPA)
  9. Double Underscore Quadberry (Fruited Sour.. now retired)
  10. Double Lustra (DIPA)

What are your favorite Dancing Gnome beers?  Drop your Top 10 in the comments below!

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