Lags Glass Joe Dank 4
Lags Glass Joe Dank 4
Lags Glass Joe Dank 4
Lags Glass Joe Dank 4
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Lags Glass Drops Joe Dank 4, A Peanuts Christmas, This Week!

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Lags Glass produces some of my favorite glassware. Many of his releases have been inspired by older Nickelodeon shows, which he calls the Splat series.  In addition to Nickelodeon, his nostalgic Peanuts glassware, called the Joe Dank series, are arguably his most popular series. Past releases sold out in a few minutes, and I just love the original art with all the OG characters, which is why I’m excited about Lags’ next release: Joe Dank 4.

If you don’t care for The Peanuts, you may be asking yourself, “Why should I buy this glass?” What sets Lags Glass apart from other designers is the effort put into the art. It may feature The Peanuts, but the art is 100% original as opposed to just being a screenshot from one of the Peanuts specials. Joe Dank 2 and 3 have the most detail of all the glasses I own. So I’m looking forward to adding Joe Dank 4 to my collection.

The 21oz stemless wine glass features all your favorite Peanuts characters. The last two Joe Dank glasses were set at the fictional “Brown’s Brewing.” The glass comes with a numbered card and Joe Dank 4 sticker featuring Snoopy on a sled. Stickers are available to purchase separately as well. Here is the link to order. It will say sold out until the release this Friday, November 19th, at 11:00 AM. They are in hand and ready to ship, so you’ll get them in time for Christmas.

Photo courtesy of Lags Glass

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