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FueledMornings 002: Seattle Kraken jerseys, Beer Not On The Bay, and our new MERCH!

FueledMornings 002: Seattle Kraken jerseys, Beer Not On The Bay, and our new MERCH!

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I’m back for the second edition of FueledMornings!

Yesterday was a pretty quiet day in craft beer, so nothing major to report on the national front. (Though, as you know, that changes often.) However, we should talk about how horrible the Seattle Kraken jerseys (though I do wish Brandon Tanev the best of luck in Seattle). I’m not much of a hockey guy, but they really need to re-think they’re logo… or maybe I’m just a bitter yinz, who known *shrug emoji*.

As we roll in to the weekend, I wanted to point out a couple of things that Fueled By Hops has going on over the next few days.

First, we’re dropping the Drink The Cookie Table brewery list tomorrow morning. Look for that list to pop up sometime before 10am. We’ve spent the last few months really curating a list of the best dessert beer producers, lining up schedules, planning collabs, recruiting dessert brands, etc. It’s been a ton of work, but I feel like we really put together an amazing event.

Second, if you’re in the Erie area on Saturday, we will be set up at Beer Not On The Bay. This is a toned-down version of Erie’s annual ‘Beer On The Bay’ festival, typically held in the bayfront area of the city. As a result of COVID, the festival was cancelled in 2020 and is returning now in 2021, but NOT on the bay and in a much-smaller capacity.

This year’s event is brought to your by our friends at Erie Brewing Co. and they were gracious enough to invite us out for the day. Come out to Erie Brewing’s Knowledge Park location and hang with us from 1-4pm. You can grab tickets here.

Last thing I wanted to mention is our NEW MERCH coming in the next few weeks… So, I got a little bored with traditional merch styles a few months back. As FBH continues to grow, we knew it was time to spruce up the merch line.

I went on a little search and found this amazing company in New England who has been quietly putting out some siiiick custom merch. So, I reached out and asked them if they could make us some pieces under our own brand, Fueled By Hops.

To my surprise, they sent me back DOZENS of absolutely killer merch design ideas. I’m talking hoodies, tees, dog collars, jackets, hats, tube socks and SOO much more. This fall, we’re going to putting a bunch of new stuff in the store for you. All of it branded for the… “BEST BEER GROUP EVER.”

Here’s a look at one of the first hoodies we’re dropping. This one brings that “Pittsburgh” feel to the merch, which I really like.

New hoodies releasing soon.

I’ll keep you all in the loop on when we drop this stuff, however, for now, make sure you hang out in our Facebook group tomorrow so you can be the first to see the Drink The Cookie Table lineup!

And for you Erie folks… I’ll see you Saturday!

Things You Should Listen To:

We’ll keep this segment short today. Yesterday, we released our latest podcast episode with Unity Brewing in Latrobe, PA. Unity Brewing opened literally days before COVID shut everything down, so they have a pretty unique story of navigating these turbulent times.

I actually start the episode off this week as Scott was running a little behind and showed up about 20 minutes in to the recording. It’s all good, cause I’m pretty sure I completely bombed the intro, but no one seemed to mind!

You can listen to that episode here.

Weight Loss Update

If you’ve been following along in my sporadic Fueled By Fitness posts, you’ll know that I started a diet back in June. Pretty pumped to tell everyone that I’ve officially taken off 16 pounds!

I’ve really cut back on eating bad and drinking during the week. I switched my diet up (with the help a nutrition specialist) to vegetables and lean proteins, started walking a little more, and kept the craft beer drinking to the weekend only.

I started this journey at 222 pounds, and now rest at 206, and feeling great. If you’re not a part of Fueled By Fitness, you should join and hang out with a pretty rad group of supportive, health-focused folks.

Things You Should Do

Drink your TIPAs and Drink your water! I know today is TIPA Thursday, and you should indulge a little, but make sure you’re also drinking your water. Hops & hydration so well together!

What are you drinking today for TIPA Thursday?

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