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If you bought a bottle of Fueled Sauce, please e-mail me. Why? Details in the post.

If you’ve been following my Instagram for the past few weeks, you likely know that we recently bottled and sold Fueled Sauce my dad’s famous BBQ sauce recipe.

Fueled Sauce, what used to be known as “Dad’s Sauce Recipe”, was developed by my father back in the late 1990’s. This tomato-forward, tangy & thin BBQ sauce was very popular in the Mon Valley, PA, the area in which I was grew up.

My dad loved this style of sauce so much that he spent YEARS perfecting his own version of it. I’m being serious; Dad spent countless hours tweaking the recipe and trying to get it just where he wanted it. Luckily, he passed that recipe down to us before he died in 2015.

Last week, Fueled Sauce bottles began hitting the market. Due to a lack of time, and a lack of knowledge, we have outsourced the production of the sauce to another company. While this is a great time-saver for the FBH team, it also means that I’m not the one directly making the sauce.

We were super excited when the first bottles rolled off the line, however, when we decided to go quality control on the batch, we realized that the batch wasn’t tasting the way we wanted. At first taste, we noticed that the sauce lacked that lovely “tang” that made the sauce so wonderful.

After some research, we learned where the problem falls in the recipe and it directly relates back to scaling up the sauce from a 1.5-gallon batch made on our stove to a 40-gallon batch made in a professional kitchen. We didn’t realize the “jump” would cause so much difference in the recipe, but unfortunately, it did.

So, basically, I’m not 100% satisfied with the Fueled Sauce that’s on the market right now. With my name and brand on the product, and my dad’s legacy behind it, I want to make sure that you’re tasting the best possible product.

Last night, I worked in my own kitchen to make a large batch of the recipe I know and love. This batch was created by me and I made every ingredient was perfectly executed in the sauce. I WANT YOU TO TASTE THIS BATCH!

If you ordered bottles of Fueled Sauce prior to this post being published, please e-mail [email protected] and I’ll send you a batch of the good stuff free of charge. That’s right… totally free.

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If you’re still not satisfied with the final product, I’ll buy the bottles back off of you! I just want you to know that I’m 100% dedicated to making sure you are satisfied with my product, even when I’m not!

For the others who chose not to take me up on this offer, please do me the favor of not judging the sauce based on that first batch. We’re still dialing-in the process, recipe and equipment, and I promise that we’ll be working super-hard to get it right ASAP! This is all a learning process for us and we’re learning as we go!

In the meantime… thank you for your support! Cheers, Fam!

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