Hop Nation USA Glass
Courtesy of Hop Nation USA
Hop Nation USA Glass
Courtesy of Hop Nation USA
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Craft Beer Podcast, Hop Nation USA, Celebrates 200th Episode with Pittsburgh Legend Rick Sebak

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The Hop Nation USA podcast celebrates its 200th episode with Pittsburgh legend and documentarian Rick Sebak. The craft beer focused podcast interviews Mr. Sebak over Zoom about his love of beer learned at Piper’s Pub, history of the city of Pittsburgh, and some of Rick’s favorite moments in his storied career working for WQED and PBS.

The hosts, Stephen Scheboth and Adam Reardon, sample The Rick Sebak cocktail on the show. A new to-go cocktail from Independent Brewing Company, The Rick Sebak, aka “The Gentleman’s Breakfast,” is a premade take on an Old Fashioned.

“At 33%, this cocktail has a higher ABV than any beer we’ve ever had on the show,” says host Adam, “but it’s incredibly smooth with a slight sweetness from the maple syrup.”

The podcast available now on Spotify and Apple Podcasts also features beer reviews by Rick, Steve and Adam. The beers come from some of the most popular breweries in the Pittsburgh area, like Hitchhiker, Brew Gentlemen, Grist House and newcomer Old Thunder Brewing, along with several others.

Started in March of 2017, Hop Nation USA is a craft beverage podcast featuring news, history, styles, and personalities from the brewing world. The podcast has been a conduit for telling the stories of breweries and brewers in the Pittsburgh area such as Abjuration Brewing, Couch Brewery, SlyFox Pittsburgh, and Auroch’s. Past guests also include Youtube personality Ali Spagnola, Chicago’s Afro Beer Chick, First Sip Brew Box’s Dennis Guy and Untappd’s Jon Dispenza.

For more, visit www.hopnationusa.com/episodes.

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