Tired Hands Yuzu Refreshing
Tired Hands Yuzu Refreshing
Tired Hands Yuzu Refreshing
Tired Hands Yuzu Refreshing

Tired Hands Takes Refreshing To A New Level With Yuzu

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Tired Hands Brewing of Ardmore, which pioneered the Milkshake IPA back when they opened in 2015, brewed one of their favorite house Double IPAs with a new adjunct this week. They brewed the original Refreshing with Galaxy, Citra, and Lemondrop. The beer is surprisingly light despite its 8% abv. Now, they’ve made it even more “refreshing” with the addition of a new citrus fruit: yuzu. However, this isn’t the first time they’ve added fruit to one of their classic beers. More recently, they’ve brewed Hop Cream (Blueberry) and Pineapple PUNGE.

Yuzu is a citrus fruit cultivated primarily in East Asia as well as Australia and Western European countries. It’s similar to a mandarin orange but shares characteristics with a lemon. They used it in a collaboration with Royal Sushi & Izakaya of South Philly. The collaboration was a Lager, but the addition of yuzu packed the beer with lemon flavor and tasted like an ice-cold glass of lemonade when you’re mowing your lawn on a hot summer day. Yuzu does the same thing to Refreshing. The lemon flavors of yuzu pair extremely well with the already citrusy notes of the hops used in this beer.

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