Mondays Brewing Releases Another Stunning Sour!

Mondays Brewing Releases Another Stunning Sour!

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Photo courtesy of Mondays Brewing  

   Every so often, there’s a beer that simply takes my breath away. It might be the flavor description, hitting all of the right notes that I love. It might be the can art because of the amazing local artist used. This time? It’s the color! This beer is absolutely brilliant! 

    I literally stopped scrolling on my feed when I saw this one. Mondays Brewing is becoming really well-known for their fruited sours. This latest edition, SMASH Series #8, sounds like an absolute home run! 

    This entry in this series is a big one. Loaded with raspberry and lime flavor, this is an assertive brew. Fans of tart beers, take note – you need this one! And then there’s the color. It is so bright, pink and perfect for a spring day. At 7%, this brew packs a punch on so many levels.Sounds like the perfect brew to start your week; after all, they are open on Mondays. 

    I keep hearing such amazing things about this series. So far, they’ve loaded these fruity brews with raspberry, mango, pineapple, cherry limeade, blueberry, blackberry, peach and vanilla, I can’t wait to see what they do next! I’m a sucker for anything vanilla, so I’m personally crossing my fingers to have the next entry include that. Regardless, I know it will be excellent! 

    With Untappd ratings that are through the roof and flavor for days, the SMASH series needs to be on your must-try list pronto. Well done, Mondays Brewing! 

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