It’s Rice Barley Wine Time at Abjuration Brewing!

It’s Rice Barley Wine Time at Abjuration Brewing!

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Photo courtesy of Abjuration Brewing

    I do not classify myself as a beer drinker that likes one type of brew over another. Do I love a stout? Yes. Do I love a balanced, beautiful IPA? Also yes. Lagers? Oh yeah! Barrel-Aged? I love all brews. You get the jist. 

    Abjuration Brewing is one of my favorite spots in Pittsburgh because they specialize in anything quirky. Lately, I feel like they’ve been straight up killing the sours game. I mean, there’s a banana fluffernutter fruited sour on tap. What? Crazy awesome. You’re always going to get a unique beer here! 

    Recently, they’ve released one of their more quirky brews, the Rice Barley Wine 1.3. This 13% brew means business and has a beautiful flavor profile. Created with a grist of pils, sushi rice, and honey malt, this barley wine is hopped with lemon drop hops. Fermented with a blend of yeast that include sake yeast, raw cherry blossom is added during the process as well. My favorite part? This beauty is conditioned on candied ginger (yum). The end result is something only my favorite mad scientists Tom and Dave could come up with. 

    This brew is a unique one for sure. With notes of floral cherry, herbal ness, and that sake alcohol bite, I don’t know any other brew around like it. The great news? This tasty big boy is on tap at the brewery, with 4 and 8 ounce pours to enjoy and sample. You can also still purchase a 750 ml bottle for 14 dollars online! 

    If you love a phenomenal, quirky brew, look no further than Abjuration! They are open Thursday-Sunday each week and have a massive taplist right now. Try out this barley wine and let me know what you think! 

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