More Pittsburgh Breweries Coming Soon!

More Pittsburgh Breweries Coming Soon!

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One of my favorite events in craft beer is the opening of a new brewery. Each individual brewery that enters the scene shows up with its own personality and atmosphere, and there is a special kind of energy and excitement when they are finally able to open for business! Not to mention, its always fun to try new beer at a new place.

I’m always surprised that the number of breweries in Pittsburgh continues to grow, but that’s not a bad thing by any stretch of the imagination. Keep them coming! Here is a list of the breweries opening soon and what they’re up to:

Necromancer Brewing

North Hills

We start the list off with a brewery ranked as one of Hop Culture Magazine’s most anticipated breweries of 2021. The team at Necromancer Brewing is hoping to open this May! They have already knocked out two collaborations while preparing to open, which you may have seen around the ‘Burgh: Square Dancing (a Kentucky Common brewed with Dancing Gnome) and Fresh Grounds (a Coffee Porter brewed with Allegheny City). Their core concept is to resurrect dead and forgotten beer styles, which really makes this brewery unique and exciting! Don’t worry if you’re not into beers of brewer’s past: Necromancer will be balancing out their portfolio with Trends (hazy IPAs, fruited sours, etc.) and Familiars (pilsners, lagers, etc.). Last week they took a big step towards opening when they added a bunch of new brewing equipment to what was previously an empty warehouse. Check out the time-lapse of the delivery here!

Back Alley Brewing


No, this brewery is not actually in a back alley, but it is how they got their start! As homebrewers who outgrew the typical 5-gallon kitchen batch, this close group of friends had to spill their operation into one of Dormont’s many back alleys. Now, more than 10 years later, they have found a more permanent home in what used to be the Dormont Municipal Building. Inside this unique building, they will be brewing up anything from hazy NEIPAs to a coffee blonde and a butternut squash ale. Shooting for late Spring or early Summer, Back Alley is hoping to be open by June. They are highly anticipated by the local community, not only for their brews, but also because they will be the first brewery to open in Dormont.

Two Frays Brewing


If you’ve been following along on social media, you’ve seen a lot of progress from Two Frays recently. With new wooden floors installed, firing up the hot liquor tank for the first time, and starting construction on their outdoor biergarten, there’s a lot of excitement in Garfield. They haven’t yet been able to pinpoint an opening date, but Two Frays is hopeful that we’ll be able to enjoy their beers in their outdoor space by summer. Make sure to check out their website for their diverse list of future beers! Additionally, they plan on pursuing non-beer brews such as cider, seltzer, and root beer. Stay tuned for big things coming from Two Frays!

Arboretum Trail Brewing Company

Pleasant Hills

Arboretum Trail is one of the newest additions to the South Hills brewery scene. With all of their licenses and equipment in place, they are currently open for business and hope to release their first beers at the end of this month. Located in Pleasant Hills, this small 3.5 barrel brewhouse is going to start out production-only. Arboretum Trail is going to focus mostly on hoppy styles, but they also plan on putting out some lagers and seasonal releases throughout the year. They are still working on a distribution model, so keep your eye on their social media pages for information regarding when and where you can grab a 4-pack. Pictured below, we even had a few awesome members of the Fueled Fam help ATBC with an equipment delivery a few weeks ago!

Campsite One Brewing

Campsite One is a brewery that is still in the planning phase. Just because they haven’t decided on a permanent location yet doesn’t mean they aren’t working hard on their recipes: check out their Instagram page for a view of all of the brews that they have been testing and perfecting! Campsite One will offer trendy beers, classical styles, and even a few of their own unique creations. In addition to their beers and any location updates, keep an eye out for one more thing in the coming weeks: a name change! (There is already a Campsite Brewery so they had to make the tough decision to change their name.)

CoStar Brewing

Self described as Pittsburgh’s “not so newest anymore but probably still the hardest to find nano-brewery,” CoStar Brewing has been around since 2012. The team at Costar would like to reserve any details for the time being regarding a possible new location, but there’s good news! They are working on their expansion plans, have touched up their garage brewery a bit, and are getting ready to get back to brewing. We can expect for more of their beers to be hitting the Pittsburgh market again in a few months.

Best of luck to all of these breweries as they continue to work hard and get closer and closer to opening! Cheers!

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