“Fore!” Beers Perfect for Masters Weekend!

“Fore!” Beers Perfect for Masters Weekend!

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What’s golf without beer?! Whether you’re watching or playing, you always need to have a few beers in the bag! Here are a few brews you should pick up this weekend so you’re well-stocked for all of the action on Moving Day and Masters Sunday!

Equal Parts – Hitchhiker Brewing: One of golf’s most classic drinks is the Arnold Palmer. Also known as a half-and-half for obvious reasons, the drink is typically half iced tea and half lemonade. The drink became popular when the legendary golfer habitually ordered half-and-halfs by saying, “I’ll have a Mr. Palmer, please.” Not to mention, Palmer grew up in Latrobe and won four Green Jackets in his career. All that to say, Equal Parts is a perfect beer choice for Masters weekend. This 6.4% ABV Kettle Sour was conditioned on meyer lemons and a tea blend from Allegheny Coffee. It’s fantastic amber color is reminiscent of the classic “cocktail.” As of Friday, you can even enjoy one in their taproom!

Photo courtesy of Hitchhiker Brewing
Photo courtesy of Hitchhiker Brewing

Shower Beer – Mondays Brewing: When it comes to golf beers, you can’t beat a classic Lager. And that’s just what you get with Shower Beer. As clean as can be, this beer has all the moderate malty sweetness and very subtle hoppiness you’re looking for in a refreshing, crushable Helles Lager. Signing the scorecard at 6% ABV, this is a beer that you could easily drink a few of. The forecast looks great this weekend so swing by to check out their new outdoor set-up, enjoy the weather, and grab a pint of Shower Beer!

Photo courtesy of Mondays Brewing

Foeder Aged Coal Hill – Trace Brewing: Golf is a complex, but approachable game. So, when you’re watching this Sunday, reach for something equally complex and approachable. Foeder Aged Coal Hill (5.4% ABV) is Trace’s Dortmunder lager, aged in oak for two months. The result is a delicious take on their classic lager. With citrus and floral notes up front, supported by flavors from the caramel malt and oak foeder, this beer is extremely intriguing and drinkable. This flavorful beer is very well-balanced, and you can easily crush a few while you enjoy all of the action this weekend.

Photo courtesy of Trace Brewing / Julie Kahlbaugh

Unbranded HBC 630 – Four Points Brewing: One of this week’s two Four Points Friday release, this installment of the Unbranded series features an experimental hop: HBC 630. Contributing notes of cherry, banana, peach, raspberry, coconut, and cream, this hop is extremely interesting and delicious. Described as tasting like fun dip, with a balanced sweetness, there’s no doubt that Unbranded HBC 630 is the IPA you’re looking for this weekend. While your analyzing golfers’ swings this weekend, crack open a can of this week’s Unbranded variation and analyze a new hop too!

Photo courtesy of Four Points Brewing

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