Celebrate Beer and Clean Water by Protecting Rivers With Beer! Movie

Celebrate Beer and Clean Water by Protecting Rivers With Beer! Movie

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Happy National Craft Beer Day! To celebrate, RadCraft has teamed up with BEER! a Love Story, an independently funded, 4K full-length feature documentary that integrates various landscapes, cultures and languages that weave together the universal fabric of craft beer.

To celebrate upcoming Earth Day, now until April 25th, Rad Craft will donate $1 from each rental of this incredible craft beer documentary to Protect Our Rivers, a non profit organization committed to river conservation efforts across the West. You can rent the film here.

At the helm of this necessary and appreciated organization, founder Sarah Nelson believes in the essential role healthy rivers play in all our lives— not only for our natural ecosystem but for our humanity as well. 

“I’ve always loved working for companies that gave back,” says Sarah. “Good River Beer is an example of how they used beer to funnel donations to nonprofits and create positive change.” This gave Sarah the framework that she needed to launch and fund Protect Our Rivers. “Since I was a little girl, my goal has been to make the world a better place and to take care of our beautiful planet. So I thought, now is the time.”

Sarah, like so many during the pandemic, struggled with unimaginable loss. Big changes in income and the loss of her father inspired her to pivot and support something that is so near and dear to her.

Sarah shares, “I have personal roots and family roots in rivers and water conservation, plus being on the water is my happy place and my sense of calm. And, after my first real river trip with the Downriver Equipment team on Cataract Canyon I fell deeper in love with rivers. One trip was all it took for my husband and me to purchase a raft of our own. Rivers have changed the trajectory of my life. It is our goal to work hard to keep them healthy for now and for future generations.”

While Protect Our Rivers is rather new, they are already hard at work, hosting biweekly river cleanups throughout Colorado. Prior to being an official nonprofit organization, Protect Our Rivers and partners worked to remove 21,000 lbs of trash out of rivers in Colorado.  They are also looking to solidify some river restoration projects to support in the next month or so, and you can help support these efforts by renting BEER! Movie. See, guys, it’s a win all around!

Also, be sure to tune in on Earth Day, Thursday, April 22nd as protagonists and director of Beer! Movie, Friedrich Moser, come together for a live virtual panel and movie preview. Participants at this free event can interact with the cast and view scenes from the film. More information on this event coming soon!

If you have Instagram, be sure to follow Protect Our Rivers as well as RadCraft, and BEER! a Love Story on all channels: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Cheers to clean water, because without it, craft beer couldn’t exist!

Featured image courtesy and property of RadCraft and was created by me!

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