Adroit Theory Releases New Russian Imperial Stout Featuring Macadamia Nuts, BA Syrup, and More!

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An advantage of brewing as many batches as Adroit Theory (Purcellville, VA) does is that they get to try nearly any ingredient or style they can think of. Their recent Russian Imperial Stout, Backmasking, shows just how creative they can get. 

Before we dive too far into Backmasking, it is worth pointing out how heavy their artwork is. Like their beers, there is really no filter on their imaginations. This leads to some crazy and exciting pieces to go along with their experimental beers. Speaking of, back to the beer!

Backmasking is a RIS, a style which Adroit Theory has brewed plenty of since its start in 2014. For this particular recipe, the team has used coconut, macadamia nuts, white chocolate, vanilla, and rum barrel-aged maple syrup. It brings to mind a Caribbean version of a macadamia nut cookie. Thick, decadent, and delicious, this RIS is ready to drink as soon as you can get it (if you can). 

Does this beer sound like your jam? Well, the downside of brewing so many batches is how fast they run out of beer. Fear not, the brewery has two other stouts coming out this month. If you take a glance at their beer catalog, you will see just how different each beer, even of the same style, can be. 

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