Leaning Cask Brewing Announces New Outdoor Space Coming this Summer!

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    How is it the fourth month of 2021 already? I feel like it was yesterday that it was January. With everyone’s sense of time being off due to #pandemiclife, it feels like warmer times are still far ahead. 

    But Summer is going to be here before we know it, friends. With warmer temps comes sunnier days, and one of my favorite outdoor activities, beer gardens. There’s nothing better than a socially-distanced pint on a sunny day with friends. This week, Leaning Cask Brewery has some great news that has me thinking Summertime! 

    Today, Leaning Cask announced that they will be constructing a new outdoor space that they are dubbing the Courtyard. This 2000 ft square space will feature 4 tiered levels and be turned into a cozy English-inspired beer garden. This will be fully furnished and include outdoor fire pits and games. How fun! Don’t worry – just like everything else at Leaning Cask, it will be dog friendly! 

Renovations are currently underway and started in this new venture. The first step is going to be to demolish the wall of the brewery to add in a door for direct access inside the pub. Then, it’s on to fencing and getting it ready for a (fingers crossed) May/June opening to the public! I’m setting a calendar reminder now. Want to follow along? Be sure to sign up for their email newsletter and stay tuned! 

While we excitedly await for an outdoor pint in Springdale this summer, there’s plenty of tasty brews on tap currently to quench our thirst. This weekend, they’re releasing AKA-K9, an extra special bitter ale that is an easy 4.9%. This is a style that I’ve been leaning towards recently myself, it’s malty and goes down oh-so-easily, especially after a long day. For the first time ever, it will also be available to go! What a great way to celebrate the new renovations! 

Cheers to a new outdoor space, Leaning Cask! I can’t wait and will be one of the first there! 

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