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Grab a Peeps Stout with your Peeps at Yellow Bridge Brewing!

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Photo courtesy of Yellow Bridge Brewing  

   Happy long weekend to many of us, friends! As we settle in and enjoy the extra time and celebrations that this weekend brings, a brew or several (let’s be real here, folks) will definitely be enjoyed. With the crazy weather we’ve been having in the ‘Burgh, I have found the perfect beer to enjoy this weekend. 

    I will always be a proud pastry stout and porter lover, regardless of season.  With Easter bringing all things sweet and chocolatey for the kids, there’s no reason the adults can’t have some fun as well, right?

    Yellow Bridge Brewing has got it covered, yinz guys. This week, they released the Midnight Peepshow Imperial Stout. An 8.5% bomb of seasonal goodness, this brew is sweet and roasty with chocolate, vanilla, and marshmallow (of course) notes. With the cold, snowy weather we had yesterday in Pittsburgh, an Easter stout sounds absolutely perfect! This one is a sipper, take some time to let it warm up a little as you drink to catch all of the tasty flavor. Sounds amazing! 

    Available in the Brewery for pints on premises and also in 4 packs to go, this is a holiday treat that I’d want in my Easter Basket for sure. Around 30 miles east of the city in Delmont, PA, Yellow Bridge is offering food trucks and events so you can even make it a great day and stop by the brewery for some beers ! A little far away for you-  don’t worry: Yellow Bridge is also offering shipping options in Pennsylvania and Midnight Peepshow is one of the choices. I’ve also been seeing their brews pop up at my local distributor as well! Grab a Peepshow with your Easter Peeps this weekend! 

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