Lincoln Avenue Brewery is a Must-Stop for Amazing Food and Beer!

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    When a brewery has good beer, I’m going to go back to it no questions asked. When there’s good food, even better. And good people? I’m freaking sold and a regular by far. 

    For me, Lincoln Avenue Brewery is that place. I’m lucky enough to call the neighboring borough of Emsworth home, and the brewery is literally just a few minutes up the road for me. I’ve never disappointed each time I go, whether it’s the excellent beer, food, or conversation, Lincoln Avenue is always a slam dunk.

Throughout the pandemic, this is one of the places that my husband and I were sure to order from often. The food is so good! My personal favorite is burger night. Every Wednesday, they are crafting some epic burger greatness! Using meat from the local Tom Friday’s Market, I can craft a burger that suits exactly what I’m craving that day. There’s also white bean burgers available if you prefer a vegetarian option!  With Taco Thursday also being another weekly feature, you can’t go wrong with the specials for dine in or take out! I love their Sunday Brunch so much I’ve written a separate post on it as well! 

And then there’s the main event, the beer! I’ve been really interested in Extra Special Bitters recently, and the Brick Wall sounds like something I need to try ASAP. A 7%er that is smooth and the perfect balance between bitter and sweet, I would love this beer to accompany my next brunch trip there! Want something a little more no-nonsense? Check out the Ziggy Bohemian Pilsner (5.1%), a crisp clean brew with just enough hop bite to satisfy. Want to quirk it up? Sample the  Jalapeño Machete Cream Ale, a 4.8% brew with a subtle jalapeño flavor that’s not too hot. With wine, beer, and cocktail choices that all support local businesses, you can’t go wrong! 

Lincoln Avenue Brewery, in my opinion, is the heart of Bellevue. You come in and visit, and you are taken care of and made to feel at home. With amazing specials on meals and a spring menu that looks to die for (hello, Beer Can Chicken Sandwich), as well as great beer, make Lincoln Avenue a must-stop on your next Pittsburgh adventure! 

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