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Julia Herz Goes Gray For Good – For All Womanhood™

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Julia Herz, consultant, speaker, educator, founder of HerzMuses Enterprises and former craft beer program director of the Brewers Association, creates Gray For Good – For All Womanhood™, a global grassroots campaign devoted to collectively celebrating all women-identified individuals who go gray and to eternalize the gender equity gap. (PR: RadCraft)

The goal is to spare women from coloring their hair and to redirect those funds to a charity that benefits females, which are severely underfunded. (source: The Women & Girls Index 2020: Measuring Giving to Women’s and Girls’ Causes) Herz hopes to raise $1M in donations from 50,000 female-identifying individuals at $20 per person.

Image courtesy and property of HerzMuses Enterprises.

At the beginning of the pandemic, hair salons were (at the time) not deemed essential, which left many people to negate their groomed appearances. You probably noticed, or any women you know, that the relentless gray hair started to shine through, leaving many women insecure with their appearance. Julia found herself in a similar situation, which provoked the thought…

“The cultural pressure to color gray is immense and as I’ve come of age I keep asking why, why, why do I feel like I am supposed to cover it up? If I live to be 80-years-old and color my hair 6 times a year starting at the age of 40, the collective cost could reach $20,000 or more. It is beyond time to eradicate the manufactured coloring expectation and instead use the savings to fund women and girls collectively focused causes as society collectively works to eternalize gender equity within our lifetime.” (Julia Herz, PR RadCraft)

To kick off Women’s History Month (March), Julia’s first #GrayForGood donation was to Pink Boots Society, a non-profit organization created to assist, uplift and inspire all female beer industry workers, as well as other fermenting/distilling industries, to advance their careers through education.

Julia produced her own music video to promote the initiative. Check it out:

Video courtesy and property of HerzMuses Enterprises. via YouTube.com
Why we gotta color? 
Why we gotta try? 
Why we gotta cover up what's real and not a lie? 
I'm a woman with a soul. 
When people scan my gray, It makes me feel that I am not whole. 
Color is cheap, but there is a cost. 
It's cognitive dissonance in a box.

Follow on Instagram @GrayForGood and the hashtag #GrayForGood to track the campaign’s success and to connect with fellow women who “Gray, Saved and Gave.” And be sure to follow @HerzMuses on Twitter for Julia’s beer-filled adventures or connect on LinkedIn!

Featured image courtesy and property of HerzMuses Enterprises.

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