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Have you Been to 412 Brewery Recently?

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Photo Courtesy of 412 Brewery    

We are so blessed to have so many excellent places to grab a beer in Pittsburgh. As we head into Springtime, I’ve been so excited to think about more breweries to try and places to enjoy a pint outdoors. With temperatures warming up and Winter being over (thank goodness), start planning your beer runs! 

    Recently, I was able to travel down to 412 Brewery on Pittsburgh’s North side. Under new ownership, the brewery is really changing things and making a statement with their new releases. They’ve got an amazing tap list right now! Here’s what’s got my eye:

    Golden God (5.6%, golden ale): this brew has such a nice taste! A clean ale with a nice crisp taste, there’s a slight hint of hoppy goodness that elevates this brew to the next level. I loved it! 

    Obsession (4.7%, Session India Pale Ale): I’ve had such a calling towards the session IPA recently. Not an overloaded hop bomb, this is a type of beer you can persuade your “I don’t like hoppy beers” friend to take a sip of. A classic session IPA with hoppy, grassy and earthy notes, this is springtime in a drink! Ridiculously crushable, this is something you could drink all day long. 

    The previous two beers I’ve had the pleasure of drinking, but these last two are on my “hit list”. I love anything with mangoes in it, so the Mango Madness fruited sour (4.2%) sounds like the perfect treat after riding my bike through the North Side. This next beer is perfect for your hopheads out there. Cheddar Goblin,  a 7.2% New England IPA, this beer is light bodied with that lovely hazy, citrusy goodness that an IPA needs. Ending with a slightly bitter finish, this brew sounds excellent! 

    Open on Thursday-Sunday each week, there’s no excuse to not include 412 in your North Side Brewery Crawl! I’m so excited to see what they’re going to do next! 

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