Crisp and Clean: It’s Lager and Kolsch Season in Pittsburgh!

Crisp and Clean: It’s Lager and Kolsch Season in Pittsburgh!

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Photos courtesy of Mondays Brewing and Trace Brewing    

Spring cleaning is synonymous with this time of year. However, until recently, I didn’t really think that it could be applied to something other than cleaning my house. I’ve been proven wrong! Recently, Pittsburgh beer has dipped towards the light and easy. That’s right, folks, it’s crispiboi season. And I’m here for it! 

    There’s something about a nice clean lager that is just perfect for this time of year. Whether it’s watching the Pirates’ hopes of a relevant season get dashed or Kennywood opening up again, an easy beer just makes the day better! Here’s a few recent releases to quench your thirst:

    Beer One: Shower BeerMondays Brewing (Helles Lager, 6%). Easy, clean, crisp and crushable, this beer is literally perfect for everything. Brewed with Pilsen malt, a little Vienna, and some Tattnang Hops, grab one of these to get through your Monday tomorrow! 

    Beer Two: Small Archer KolschEleventh Hour Brewing (Kolsch, 4.3%). This is a traditional Kolsch style ale with a twist. Straw yellow in color, this brew has lovely notes of fruit and citrus on the head due to the Huell Melon and Hallertau Blanc hops. A crispy base due to the pilsner malts, this beer is smooth, easy, and exactly what you need after a long day at work. 

    Beer Three: Foeder Aged Coal HillTrace Brewing (Dortmunder Lager, 5.4%). I might be stretching the definition of a crispy beer here, but this one NEEDS to be included. The first edition of the Coal Hill was one of the most uniquely clean, tasty beers I’ve had in eons. A German lager brewed with Magnum and Mittelfruh hops, this brew was balanced with light caramel malts and was one of the many brews I fell in love with on my first visit to Trace. Now, they’ve leveled up, aging the brew in an oak foeder for 2 months. The result? Delicate floral and citrus undertones that kick this lager up a notch. Still crispy, don’t worry. 

    These are just three of the many crisp and clean brews I’ve seen taking the ‘Burgh by storm recently. Do you have a favorite lager you’ve tried recently? Let me know in the comments below! I can get behind this type of spring cleaning 100%! 

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