Imprint Busted Bracket DDH DIPA
Imprint Busted Bracket DDH DIPA
Imprint Busted Bracket DDH DIPA
Imprint Busted Bracket DDH DIPA

Did Your Bracket Go South? Imprint Has A Beer For You!

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By now I’m sure you know it’s March Madness. You’ve seen the games and the sports betting commercials. Maybe one of the schools is your alma mater. Well, most sports fans have filled out a bracket, and for the unlucky ones, one or more of their selections lost. If that’s the case, Imprint Beer Company in Hatfield has the beer for you.

Imprint Beer Company in Hatfield is releasing a brand new Double Dry-Hopped Double IPA during March Madness called Busted Bracket. They hopped this beer with Mosaic, Zamba & Calypso. Though not as popular as Mosaic, Zamba and Calypso hops are packed with tropical fruit flavors, making them perfect for IPAs.

If you’re still not sold on Imprint’s newest juice bomb, their double dry-hopped DIPAs have been getting phenomenal ratings on Untappd. For example, their DDH Frosted Hops (Citra & Strata) is sitting at an impressive 4.26 right now. That ranks up there with Other Half and Trillium’s weekly releases.

We’re also in the middle of Imprint’s March Mallow Madness, so they’re releasing an array of Puffsicle beers this week along with Busted Bracket. They pack these heavily-fruited sours with marshmallows to balance out the flavor. The contrast in flavor is brain-melting. Puffsicle Releases this week include a Blueberry Lavender Mini Keg, Strawberry Colada, and more.

Imprint’s online pre-sale begins Thursday, March 25th, at 7:00 PM sharp. Here is the link for Hatfield and the link for Pottstown. This beer will be available for walk-ins and statewide shipping if it doesn’t sell out. Also, they allow proxies now, so you can have someone else pick up your beer if you can’t make it… or if you live in a different state.

Photo: Imprint Beer Company

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