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Where To Recycle Your PakTech Can Holders In Philly

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Do you have an overflow of PakTech can holders? You know, the plastic four or six-pack can holders most breweries are using as an environmentally friendly alternative. If you’re a craft beer fan, you probably have quite a few lying around your house. They are made of 100% HDPE recycled materials that shouldn’t be included with your regular curbside recycling. They should be recycled at specific drop-off locations, so breweries in the area are joining in PakTech’s recycling program. Not only are you helping the environment, but you can also purchase more beer when you drop them off.

Brothers Kershner Brewing is located in Skippack, PA. They pride themselves in having a wide variety of styles on tap, and they’re one of the few breweries that still have live music.

Funk Brewing (Emmaus and Elizabethtown) is closer to the Lehigh Valley, but still not far from Philadelphia. Their Elizabethtown location is halfway between Lancaster and Harrisburg.

Moss Mill Brewing (Huntingdon Valley) holds mmonthly car shows (Cruise & Brews) during the Spring and Summer, and they have a variety of other events.

Imprint Beer Company (Hatfield) is one of the Philadelphia area’s most popular breweries. Don’t miss their March Mallow Madness releases.

Levante Brewing (West Chester) was one of the first breweries in Pennsylvania to ship beer. They currently have over 30 cans available in their online store.

Locust Lane Craft Brewery (Malvern) has a few highly-rated stouts left over from St. Patrick’s Day.

You can also recycle your PakTech can holders at a few beer distributors in the area. These include The Beer Yard in Wayne and Bell Beverage in Philadelphia. Click here if you know a business that would like to participate in PakTech’s recycling program.


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