Abjuration Brewing Releases a New Test Series Next Weekend!

Abjuration Brewing Releases a New Test Series Next Weekend!

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Photo courtesy of Abjuration Brewing

Happy Sunday, folks. Although some of us might be suffering from the weekly dose of the Sunday Scaries, I’ve got some amazing news to help you get through and gear up for getting to the next weekend. 

Abjuration Brewing has your fix for the next weekend, my friends. If you don’t know about the unit testing series events, this is a must-go! This series consists of limited multi-version releases where the mad scientists at Abjuration try out new adjuncts, infusions, dry hops, and serving styles. These pours are taproom only with no to go options. This is a super-exclusive release of unique brews that always deliver. If you love Abjuration as much as I do, you need to be there! 

This is the 8th iteration of the Unit Testing series. The focus this time? All things marshmallow. Abjuration produces some of the tastiest fruited sours in the game and continues to elevate their brews further and further with each release. This upcoming Saturday, several beers with this fruited sour base laden with marshmallow will be released. Here’s what on tap:

Fruited Sour v. 1.8 features all things cherry and marshmallow. Version 1.10 is marshmallow and mango, which is one of my all time favorite fruits. Yum! Want even more tropical? Version 1.11 is loaded with passion fruit, papaya and marshmallow and will be just the ticket! Rounding things out is Version 1.12, the coconut milk and marshmallow version that, in my opinion, sounds like the most unique brew that will be available. All of these tasty treats will be available in limited pours (4 or 8 oz) starting next Saturday at 1pm. 

Masks, social distancing, and limited capacity will be enforced during this limited release day. Abjuration has a deal with La Vostra Pizza next door, and you need to purchase food at the bar from the pizza place to enjoy these brews. These brews are super limited releases and the majority of them will be kicked prior to the weekend’s end. Trust me when I say that Abjuration is creating some of the most unique brews in Pittsburgh and that all of these releases will be mind-blowing! Head down to Abjuration next Saturday and enjoy! 

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