Four Pittsburgh Beers to kickstart the Spring Season!

Four Pittsburgh Beers to kickstart the Spring Season!

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Happy Spring!

Today marks the official end of Winter, and the beginning of the Spring season. I know that doesn’t mean much in the Northeast (please reference this meme for a Pittsburgh-weather-inspired chuckle), but it’s the mindset that counts!

When Spring rolls around, I’m always ready for a break from all of the dark, heavy winter beer styles that I enjoy most while hiding from the cold and snow. As better weather arrives and I start to spend more time outdoors, I tend to shift to a more clean, crisp, and refreshing selection.

There are many amazing Spring beers in and around Pittsburgh, but here is a short list of suggestions for starting your Spring drinking off on the right foot!

Arctos 12° by Stick City is an unfiltered, unpasteurized, and unfined German and Bohemian-influenced pale lager. The floral and spicy flavors and aromas make it a great easy-drinker perfect for springtime. You should check out the Stick City tap room to try this one! They pour their pilsner from an authentic Czech side-pull tap into a Czech mug. That’s about as legit as it gets!

340 Lager by Old Thunder Brewing Company is a traditional Munich-style Helles Lager. The crew at Old Thunder even sourced German barley and European noble hops for this beer which makes their crushable, crisp lager that much more authentic. This beer can also be enjoyed from a Czech mug! I will definitely be crushing this one on sunny days in my back yard. (Click here to order)

Witte and Wheat Hop by East End Brewing are Spring must-haves. Both are wheat beers, but they are each unique in flavor and aroma. Witte is a Belgian white spiced with coriander, orange peel, and lemongrass. Wheat Hop is juicy, tropical, and very sessionable. Whether you prefer the spicy aromas of Witte, or the hoppy flavors of Wheat Hop, you can’t go wrong grabbing one of these from East End: both are perfect porch accompaniments on a bright, relaxing Spring day. (Click here to order)

I hope you enjoy my recommendations as much as I do, but the list of great Spring beers doesn’t end there! This is by no means an exhaustive list (I only chose four after all…) of the styles or beers you should look for this Spring. With so many great breweries in Pittsburgh, there are absolutely more light, refreshing, and crisp beers out there to be enjoyed. Stop by your local brewery or bottle shop and see what they recommend! Cheers!

(Photos courtesy of Stick City Brewing, Old Thunder Brewing, and East End Brewing, from top to bottom respectively.)

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