Bash Brew joins Couch Brewery for First Big Collaboration!

Bash Brew joins Couch Brewery for First Big Collaboration!

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For those of you that don’t know, Bash Brew is a husband and wife homebrewing team that has been crushing it in the homebrew scene for quite some time. Adam and Laurie Bashline were featured on the blog last September for their great beer and awesome charity drive. Well, guess who’s back? (Hint: It’s not Shady.)

Together, Bash Brew and Couch Brewery have released an exciting new collaboration brew! I thought it was awesome to see homebrewers collaborating on a beer with a great brewery, so I reached out and had the pleasure of chatting with the Bash Brew duo and Darren from Couch Brewing about how this collab came about.

Having been friends for years, Adam, Laurie, and Darren have always shared beers and brewing advice. The Bashlines had even assisted with brewing and canning at Couch from time to time. When a spot opened in Couch’s brew schedule, the timing was nothing shy of perfect to incorporate one of Bash Brew’s recipes. Looking to shift focus from their winter-inspired stouts and Belgian ales, an IPA was just what Couch’s tap list needed. Bash Brew had the ideal beer in mind.

Clouds over California (6% ABV) is not your average Hazy IPA. Although its appearance resembles that of a New England IPA, expect the hoppy kick of a West Coast. This iteration of the Bashline’s home recipe has been scaled up for the Couch Brewery system and is hopped generously with Centennial, Galaxy, Mosaic, and Citra. This beer sounds juicy and amazing!

The coolest part of this collab, in my opinion, is how it highlights homebrewing. Sometimes overlooked, there are a lot of passionate, knowledgeable, and skilled homebrewers out there, like the Bashlines. Darren shared the same sentiment with me during our chat, and he hopes that this collaboration will shed more light on the homebrew community and the hard work homebrewers put into their craft.

For comparison to commercial set-ups you have seen in just about any brewery, this is Bash Brew’s 10-gallon system that they use at home.

Here’s what the brewers has to say about the collaboration:

Bash Brew: “[This collaboration] is just proof of the friendships made in craft beer here in Pittsburgh…So it was just perfect timing and the generosity of Couch giving us this opportunity that brought this collab together.”

Darren: “Yes, it’s the first time [collaborating], but hopefully not the last. Believe me, their beers need more exposure. Adam and Laurie are sitting on a treasure trove of fantastic recipes.”

Congratulations to Bash Brew for the opportunity to showcase one of their many great recipes, and props to Couch Brewing for bringing the collaboration together. Make sure to follow Bash Brew on social media (Instagram | Facebook), as well as Couch Brewery (Instagram | Facebook), to keep up with their brewing adventures!

Clouds over California is available now on tap at Couch Brewing or online in cans at Check it out this week before it’s gone! Cheers!

I couldn’t resist adding a pic of this cute pup, Tucker.

(Photos courtesy of Bash Brew and Couch Brewery)

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