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Couch Brewery is Selling AMAZING Canned Cocktails

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Photos Courtesy of Couch Brewing    

One of the things that I love the most about the craft beer world is that breweries are always trying new things and diversifying. It’s no secret that I am a seltzer-holic. Craft Beer is my first love, but there are so many places that are pushing the envelope with seltzers as well. It’s awesome. 

    My first week writing for Fueled by Hops, I posted about my deep love of Couch Brewery’s seltzers. Their Stardust seltzer series is my favorite of all craft seltzers in Pittsburgh. And they’ve kicked it up a notch! Last week, Couch unleashed canned seltzer cocktails! 

    Don’t be fooled by the 8oz can size, my friends, these little buddies pack a punch on so many levels. At 10% ABV, all of the options are killer sippers to relax with. The best part, you have four different varieties to choose from! Here’s what’s available: 

    I’ll start with my personal favorite, the Queen Anne’s Revenge. Couch’s take on the painkiller cocktail, this brew is loaded with pineapple and coconut and has me thinking of warmer days ahead. I loved the coconut taste, it was so balanced and perfect! Into the classic mule? Check out Comrade, brewed with ginger and lime juice and join the party! Want something a little more fruity? The Vice is a great choice for you then! Loaded with mojito flavors, blueberry and kiwi, this drink will have you thinking of all things 80s and Floridian. Lastly, you can check out the Cosmonaut. This pomegranate brew is full of flavor and perfect for porch sippin this spring. 

    All of these cocktails are sold by the can at Couch, so you can grab a bunch of your favorite or a mixed four-pack…. or several. I grabbed two of each and will definitely be heading back for more! Couch is open for brews or pickups from Friday-Sunday each week, so be sure to order some of the cocktails stat and let me know which is your favorite! 

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