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Aurochs Brewing’s Latest Releases are Straight Fire!

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Photo courtesy of Aurochs Brewing    

It’s no secret that Aurochs Brewing is making the tastiest gluten-free beer around. In fact, they’re creating some amazing brews regardless of whether or not you have a reason to follow a gluten-free diet. Lately, they have had some epic beers that demand attention. 

    First off, the Dancing Gnome Collaboration. Whopping Willow, an 8.3% Double Dry Hopped IPA, featuring an amazing punch of dank goodness. A big, juicy and awesome brew, it was an epic collaboration that needs to occur again, and predictably sold out VERY quickly.

    Then, there’s the Saint Patrick’s Day brew. A big stout at 8.3%, this is another epic team up. Created with Richbarn Roasters, a coffee company that helps supply coffee to homeless shelters, Boondock Sláinte is unlike anything I have seen from Aurochs yet. A smooth drinker with vanilla, oak and dark roasty notes, this brew is big but goes down easy. A quick sellout at the brewery, get your hands on this beer via a trade if you can ASAP. I promise you won’t regret it! 

    Lastly, there was a super-secret taproom release this week that needs to be talked about. Currently available at the brewery for walk-up sales only, the Tangerine Grapefruit Radler is the beer that you need for these warmer, longer days. An easy, fruity beer at 3.8%, this is a perfect lawnmower beer. It goes down easy and is wonderfully juicy – this is a great beer to convert a non-beer-drinker friend to the craft. You can easily crush several of these on a warm spring weekend spent outside to put yourself in an excellent mood. This is a limited supply taproom release only, so if you want this beer, head over to Emsworth pronto and secure a four pack! 

    Aurochs has a ton of new offerings in cans in the future as well. Stay tuned for more information on their social media accounts, because great things are coming! Stop by the brewery, which is to-go sales only currently, and try any of the epic brews this place has to offer! 

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