Don’t Miss March Mallow Madness At Imprint

March Mallow Madness At Imprint
March Mallow Madness At Imprint

Don’t Miss March Mallow Madness At Imprint

March Mallow Madness At Imprint
March Mallow Madness At Imprint
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Imprint Beer Company’s Puffsicle beers are heavily fruited sours with marshmallows. People go crazy for these sweet yet sour beers, so what’s better than an entire month dedicated to this style. Playing off of March Madness, Imprint is having March Mallow Madness at their brewery. However, instead of hosting a tournament where customers vote on their favorite, Imprint is just releasing a lot of beer brewed with marshmallows. This includes their famous Puffsicles as well as other styles.

They’re kicking things off with Puffsicle Strawberry Waffle Cone. They brewed this heavily fruited sour with strawberries, maple syrup, waffles, lactose, and of course, marshmallows. 4-packs will be $25 each, and there’s a four 4-pack limit on this beer.

Imprint is also releasing Puffsicle Blue Raspberry Bubblegum to celebrate March Mallow Madness. This one is pretty self-explanatory. They brewed it with blueberry, raspberry, and bubblegum. As always, Puffsicles contain lactose and marshmallow. The limit on this Puffsicle is the same as the first: four 4-packs per person.

The third release for the first week of March Mallow Madness is a Strawberry Coconut Puffsicle. Again, these are pretty self-explanatory. They brewed this heavily-fruited sour with strawberries, coconut, and marshmallows.

Last but not least, they’re releasing All Marshmallow Everything, a Double New England IPA with Citra hops, Citra cryo hops, and marshmallows. 4-packs of these will be $18 each, and the same four 4-pack limit applies.

They’ve been doing a lot of walk-in-only sales recently, but you’re in luck. Imprint is having an online pre-sale this week. They’re selling these beers in their online store Thursday, March 4th, at 7 PM sharp. Here are the links for pickup in Hatfield and Pottstown. They also ship beer to Pennsylvania addresses starting Sundays at 4 PM. Here’s the link for shipping.

PHOTO: Imprint Beer Company

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