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‘Siren of Stout’ Brews Up Support for Black Owned Businesses with a Collaborative Pastry Stout

‘Siren of Stout’ Brews Up Support for Black Owned Businesses with a Collaborative Pastry Stout

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As many of you already know, Barb Baker, aka Siren of Stout, is a total rockstar in the craft beer community. Many of you got to witness her coolness during her segment as one of the keynote speakers at Cheers, Yinz Fest, the online beer festival we hosted in November of 2020. *After that segment, Barb shot to the top of my “Must Have Beers With This Dope-Ass Person Before I Die” list.

Barb wears so many different hats throughout the day: Event Ambassador for Brooklyn Brewery, actress, blog writer, Certified Cicerone Beer Server, adventurer and VP of Fermenta,  a women’s craft beer collective committed to education, networking, diversity, and empowerment within the fermented beverage and food industries, and encourages those women to break glass ceilings!

Barb has teamed up with Five Shores Brewing and 24th Cheesecakerie, a Black owned bakery renowned for their cheesecakes and pastries, to present the first of this series: Siren of Pastry Stout, a collaborative effort to shine a light on Black owned businesses and to build supportive and lasting relationships in the craft beer community and beyond.

Barb with Sean Brezzell, owner of third generation business, 24th CheeseCakerie.
Photo courtesy and property of 24th CheeseCakerie.

Barb shares, “The pandemic has been unkind to all businesses but Black businesses have been struck exponentially hard with little to no help and/or PPE. I figured, this was a way to do what I love doing to shine a light on businesses that may not have the type of marketing, brand loyalty or patronage that they need or deserve. I called both Five Shores (who are spectacular with diversity and inclusion) and 24th Cheesecakerie (a third generation artisan pastry boutique) and both understood my goal and were excited to join forces. Everyone in the beer industry has been fantastic to me in my journey and I have been extremely lucky.”

To help promote 24th Cheesecakerie’s brand, their logo will appear on the label along with a QR code detailing the series’ mission and charity proceeds from can sales, which will benefit Take One Community Program.

Barb tosses one of many 24th Cheesecakerie’s Sweet Potato pies into the mash on brew day! Photo courtesy and property of Five Shores Brewing.

Barb and Five Shore’s brewmaster, Oliver Roberts, developed the recipe together and the result is a 9% ABV pastry stout, brewed with 24 sweet potato pies (made special by Sean Brezzell, owner of 24th Cheesecakerie’s, mother) and was conditioned on roasted pecan, cinnamon, nutmeg and vanilla. Sounds like an award winning combo!

Unfortunately, if you are just getting hip to this awesome collab now, you’ve missed your chance. Five Shores went live with an online pre-sale on 2/19 and has since sold out. But if you find yourself in Beulah, MI, you can visit Five Shores’ taproom to score a draft or two of what is sure to be a most excellent beer!

Cheers to the work of Black women in the Craft Beer Industry and beyond! Cheers to Black Owned Businesses! Cheers to the Craft Beer Community!


Barb Baker on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

24th CheeseCakerie on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Five Shores Brewing on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter

Featured image courtesy and property of Five Shores Brewing.

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