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A Couple of Sweet Surprise Releases From Oozlefinch

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The average beer drinker may not think much of when a brewery releases two beers in the same week. But between coordinating supplies, brew days, tank space, and in some cases, packaging, it can be a logistical nightmare. This week, Oozlefinch (Virginia) not only releases two beers but two big beers at that: the new Smashmallow Milkshake IPA variant and Some Wrong Ways Imperial Stout. 

The Smashmallow series of beers let the brewers riff on the idea of Milkshake IPAs by trying new ingredients and combinations. With a relatively low hop bitterness, the additions really shine through. This version features pineapple and coconut, transporting you to the beach with the flavors of a pina colada. Sweet, fruity, and only 6% ABV, this is a dangerously drinkable release.

Some Wrong Ways Imperial Stout is said to be “modeled off of a simple peanut butter chocolate cup.” But ask any connoisseur, and they will tell you the devil is in the details. With more prominent peanut butter on the nose and more chocolate in the flavor, this 9.5% ABV beer is definitely sweet, but not artificially so. It balances the two prominent flavors while still giving you plenty of both. Why eat the candy when you can drink it, right? Reach for this beer for dessert, or just because. No judgments here.

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