Is Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore the “Best Beer Bar in America”?

Is Max’s Taphouse in Baltimore the “Best Beer Bar in America”?

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There are a lot of characteristics that make a great beer bar. Most likely, they will be different for everyone. To pay (unsolicited) homage to my favorite bar, here is a brief article about why I LOVE Max’s Taphouse, in Baltimore, Maryland. 

Between the ages of 23 and 25, I lived a stone’s throw away from the two-level taphouse located in the Fells Point neighborhood. For novices and Cicerones alike, Max’s and its staff cater to all. You want a Bud Light to watch the Raven’s game (which you can do from their permanent “Raven’s Bus” booth in the back)? Done. Want to try a pint of ale from one of their rotating cask lines? Award-winning bartender Jamie has you covered. 

But no matter how packed they get, which they do nearly every night, the handful of bartenders are always willing to help you. Navigating the 100 rotating draft lines as if they have them memorized, their experts can help with nearly any request you may have. There is no pretentiousness inside their walls. I have taken many a friend there who begin as casual beer drinkers, and after a few trips, they are ordering pints of jalapeno and pineapple conditioned Double IPAs out of a firkin. 

After a few thousand different beers, dozens of beer festivals, and multiple jobs in the beer industry, I can confidently give my endorsement for Best Beer Bar to Max’s (who is nominated in USA Today). In the words of Hunter S. Thompson “Buy the ticket, take the ride.”

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