Dancing Gnome and Aurochs Collab with an EPIC Gluten-Free Hazy!

Dancing Gnome and Aurochs Collab with an EPIC Gluten-Free Hazy!

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    Photo courtesy of Aurochs Brewing

Collabs make me so excited. When two collective great minds put their heads together, something amazing is always produced! We’ve seen so many of them with breweries throughout the state of Pennsylvania (still fantasizing about Pointing South – I NEED it in my life!). This week, I’ve got a surprise collab from two Pittsburgh breweries that demands to be talked about.

    Dancing Gnome is the place to go in Pittsburgh if you like IPAs. This is the place that let me see that IPAs weren’t just hop bombs and that each one has a really unique flavor. They’ve got serious game when it comes to creating the perfect hop-forward  beer. They sell out quickly and have become one of the fan favorites in Pittsburgh when it comes to releases! 

    Aurochs Brewing is unique in the fact that it produces naturally gluten-free beer. From the beginning of the brew, nothing with gluten is used to create the amazing brews they produce! They’re becoming well known in both Pittsburgh and the Gluten-Free world. Aurochs’s Hazy IPA even took home the gold during the last Great American Beer Festival in the gluten-free category. Regardless of whether or not you have a need for a gluten-free beer, get their beer guys. It’s awesome and continues to get better and better! 

    So, these two superpowers combined and created something absolutely epic. Whopping Willow Hazy IPA packs a punch at 8.3% ABV. Loaded with big, dank, flavors and hop-driven notes of mango, peach and white grape, this beer is surprisingly drinkable for the higher ABV. Hopped with Strata, Citra, and Nelson Sauvin and brewed with quinoa, buckwheat and millet,  this is unlike any other hazy you’ve had before. Packaged and created in a strictly gluten-free facility, this brew is a must have for anyone who loves Pittsburgh beer. 

    Like any hyped up beer in Pittsburgh, this one sold out in a flash! However, fear not, my beer nerds! Aurochs is releasing another batch very very soon…. hint hint. The brew is only available at Aurochs for purchase. Follow Aurochs’s social media to make sure you snag a four-pack of this seriously epic collaboration! 

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