Razzle Rock by Inner Groove Brewing | Photo courtesy of Inner Groove Brewing.
Razzle Rock by Inner Groove Brewing | Photo courtesy of Inner Groove Brewing.
Razzle Rock by Inner Groove Brewing | Photo courtesy of Inner Groove Brewing.
Razzle Rock by Inner Groove Brewing | Photo courtesy of Inner Groove Brewing.
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The 5 Beers You NEED This Weekend (2/5/2021)

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It’s Super Bowl weekend, so I know having a great stash of good beer is imperative to creating the ultimate Super Bowl experience.

Just kidding… if you’re like me, you just want to drink a good beer while you watch Tom Brady *hopefully* lose… (sorry to my TB fans!)

Don’t worry, I have you covered here. Here’s my 5 beers that you NEED this weekend.

Have some suggestions for me to feature next week? Shoot those ideas over to [email protected] or catch me in our Facebook group (where I’m known to hang out).

So here you go… give these beers a try and let me know you think!

Nocturnal Animals

Four Points Brewing – Charleroi, PA

Style: DIPA, 8.2% ABV

Why you need it?

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of all the DIPAs that Charleroi, PA-based Four Points Brewing releases. In fact, last year, I declared 400 IPA to be my favorite Hazy IPA of 2020.

This week, Four Points is releasing a brand NEW DIPA called Nocturnal Animals. This DIPA is hopped with Strata and Necatron to create big notes of tropical fruit, citrus and some dankness.

Necatron is pretty limited in availability, so this beer is also a limited release.

Click here to order your cans.

A Glimmer in the Dark

Old Thunder Brewing – Blawnox, PA

Style: Coffee Stout, 9.0% ABV

Why you need it?

In all my years in craft beer, I haven’t found a brewery come out-of-the-gate as strong as Old Thunder has. These guys are putting some top-notch beers and they’ve only been selling cans from their location in Blawnox, PA for a short while.

A Glimmer in the Dark is their new coffee stout being sold in 750 mL swing-top growlers. The stout is conditioned on dark-roasted coffee from Williamsport, PA-based Alabaster Coffee Roaster and Tea Co.

As a bonus, if you enjoy the coffee flavor, you actually buy some of the whole beans in their Old Thunder.

As another bonus, the 750 mL swing-top growler is reusable and can be reused in their soon-to-be-open taproom.

Click here to order bottles.

Razzle Rock

Inner Groove Brewing – Verona, PA

Style: Torte Sour, 5.7% ABV

Why you need it?

Inner Groove Brewing is one of those breweries that I just love to support. Family-owned and operated, great atmosphere, solid people and great beer. It’s truly a gem in Verona.

Razzle Rocks is their newest release from the Torte Sour series. Conditioned on peaches, raspberries and Madagascar vanilla beans, this one is the perfect after dinner beer.

Feel free to enjoy it while diving in to 3,000 calories of snacks during the Super Bowl as well.

Click here to order cans.

Galaxy Flare

Equilibrium Brewing – Middletown, NY

Style: DIPA, 8.5% ABV

Why you need it?

If you love DIPAs, like myself, you should already be familiar with Middletown, NY-based Equilibrium Brewing (EQ). EQ produces some of the best hazy IPAs in the country, and their latest DIPA release is sure to live up to the hype.

Galaxy Flare is their latest DIPA release hopped with Victoria Galaxy in both the whirpool and the dry hop bill. This all-Galaxy gem is sure to be juicy and creamy as they start with a base of wheat and flaked oats.

This one is available for delivery to PA. Click here to order cans.

Slice! (Blueberry Peach)

Eleventh Hour Brewing – Pittsburgh, PA

Style: ‘Sahr, 4.4% ABV

Why you need it?

Eleventh Hour Brewing is one of those breweries that just doesn’t get talked about enough, but certainly should be talked about all the time.

Slice! is their ‘pie’ series and this week, they’re release the Blueberry/Peach variant of the series. It’s full of blueberries and ripe peach flavor along with some brown sugar and pie crust.

This beer goes great with a Tom Brady loss…

Click here to order cans.

(Hopefully we haven’t lost any readers as a result of distaste for TB. In fairness, I do feel that he is the best QB to ever play. I just hate watching him win.)

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