The 4 stouts to keep you warm during the six additional weeks of winter.

The 4 stouts to keep you warm during the six additional weeks of winter.

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Photo credit: Burial Beer Co.

It’s always a sad day when we find out that winter is going to last longer than we expected.

Today, we learned from Punxsutawaney Phil, the wonderful little groundhog who lives a little north of Pittsburgh, that winter is going to last at least another six weeks. This really shouldn’t come as shock to you given the amount of snow sitting outside currently.

Since winter is planning to stick around for a little while longer, I figured I’d give you a list of some stouts that you can grab today to help keep you warm and also help make the on-going winter a little more bearable.

Some of these stouts are local, and some aren’t, but if you’re in the Pittsburgh area, you should have problems grabbing some of these offerings.


Cinderlands Beer Co. – Pittsburgh, PA

Style: S’mores Stout

Why need it?

When it comes to stouts, Cinderlands has been putting out some of the best stuff in the city of Pittsburgh, even though their stouts rarely get the attention they deserve.

Today, I’d like to change. You NEED to start grabbing stouts from Cinderlands, and you need to start doing so immediately.

Monaca is the recent pastry stout offering from Cinderlands. Coming in at 8.0%, Monaca is their “S’mores” offering, brewed with graham cracker, marshmallow, cacao nibs, and Madagascar vanilla bean.”

The beer represents a different approach to building their stout grain bills, and the brewery said the new approach produces, “richer, fuller results in the depth of flavor, fullness of mouthfeel, and balance of the two.”

Monaca is available to order online and you can do so here.

Chocolate Churriosity

The Bruery – Placentia, CA x Horus Aged Ales – Oceanside, CA

Style: Pasty Stout, 10.7%

Why you need it?

Let’s be honest, The Bruery has been putting out some of the best stouts in the world for quite some time now. So, when we’re having a conversation about stouts, it’s only proper that we mention them.

Chocolate Churriosity is their collab with Horus Aged Ales and was inspired by the churro dessert. This beer is made with dulce de leche, milk sugar, cacao nibs, and cinnamon.

Sounds great, right? Yep. And starting just recently, you can have these cans shipped right to your front door in Pennyslvania. Win.

Click here to order your beer from The Bruery.

Chocolate Churriosity by The Bruery x Horus Aged Ales. Photo property of The Bruery.

Breakfast Buffet

Hitchhiker Brewing – Pittsburgh, PA

Style: Imperial Stout

Why you need it?

You shouldn’t need much convincing to grab any kind of stout from Pittsburgh-based Hitchhiker Brewing. However, if you do, just read the description of this beer.

Breakfast Buffet is an Imperial Stout made with coffee, maple syrup and cinnamon cereal. In other words, it contains all the essentials for a good breakfast buffet.

You should grab some cans and enjoy one this Saturday while leaving behind the “adulty” news and opting for cartoons instead. I mean, it just sounds right.

You can order your cans here.

The Heavenly Atmosphere of Unrelenting Nothingness

Burial Beer Co. – Asheville, NC

Style: Imperial Stout, 14.0% ABV

Why you need it?

Burial is one of those breweries that just doesn’t make a bad beer. When it comes to Hazy IPAs and Stouts, I think they do them just as good, if not better, than some of the biggest names in the industry.

The Heavenly Atmosphere of Unrelenting Nothingness (THAoUN) starts with a blend of 4 different stout bases and is then aged on “house-toasted hazelnuts, French Broad Chocolate select Cocoa Nibs, toasted coconut, scraped and chopped whole vanilla bean and a touch of sea salt”, as the brewery states.

Think Nutella bomb with this one… and it’s available for shipping to PA.

Click here to order cans/bottles from Burial online.

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